Boobs are life’s joy and its pain. At least for me that is. They give nourishment, they can fill out a blouse, and were the bane of my adolescence. Personally boobs haven’t been the kindest friend to me. Largely, pun intended, because on my petite frame they’ve been difficult to dress. They’ve limited my wardrobe choices and they had to be wrangled during my “ball is life” years. The one thing that can make dealing with them easier is great bras and today’s post is all about that, because #BigBoobsMatter my friends. 
The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatter The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatter

In middle school I relished in the book, “Are You There God It’s Me, Margaret.” If you’re familiar, then you too may have said your share of “we must increase our bust” mantras. It was all fun and times until that fateful day when my affirmations came to fruition. Then suddenly I was endowed with a set a knockers that couldn’t be missed. We really ought to be mindful what we wish for. When I was asking the heavens to help me fill out my t-shirts, it never occurred to me that once they arrived I would have to learn how to dress for these boobs. It also didn’t register in my mind that bras would no longer be a question of maybe but would become which one? Since that time I’ve struggled to narrow down a brand that worked well for me.

The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatter The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatter The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatter

The marigold color of this dress is what captured my eye first and then shortly after, the thought crossed my mind of how I would pull off wearing a dress without straps large enough to cover a bra and low enough to show one as well. While I have a few that make due, the pool could be vastly better.

This is the issue I run into often when it comes to tank tops and dresses – does this work with my bra?

Luckily I have been able to get my hands on an option that provides lift, security, and a smoothness that gives me some peace of mind about wearing things like this. Enter the Lé Mysteré strapless bra.
The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatter The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatter

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The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatterThe Hautemommie - Outfit Details

purse // dress \\ sandals // sunnies \\ kimono //

The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatterFor years I was certain that good strapless bras were a hoax. I figured was doomed to never rock a strapless dress or a slinky barely there number like this. Alas the undergarment gods have shined on me and here I am. Not only did the Lé Mysteré bra provide enough support for my girls, it also stayed in place all day without feeling like a holster I longed to be freed from. And before you assume this is a sponsored post – it isn’t. I’m simply my showering my praise on this find. Plus I like sharing the wealth, that’s what friends are for.

The Hautemommie talks boobs - chicly, of course. #BigBoobsMatter

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If you’ve been on the hunt for a strapless bra that can hold up its end of the bargain, check out Lé Mysteré. Don’t let that gorgeous outfit go unseen because your boobs won’t let you be great. And let me give credit to the lovely sales associate at Bloomingdale’s in Perimeter Mall who helped me make this perfect purchase as well, thanks girl!

Remember #BigBoobsMatter – get a bra that can handle them!



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  • I’m loving your whole look. Funny thing is, I have the opposite issue. Sometimes I wish I had bigger boobs. Especially being a plus size girl, most plus size women have a larger bust.

    Great post though, because I know too many women that 1000% relate.

  • First of all I love your blog!!! And too bad I have small boobs so I can’t relate to much of the article lol but I some how learned a thing or two.