Style In The Fourth Trimester

Life after having a baby means having to figure out a lot. How to dress for your body post pregnancy is one of those trials and trust me when I say I have spent a lot of years trying to nail it. Not only are you trying to adjust to a new baby, but also

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The Hautemommie JETSETS: Packing For Hawaii

This year for Labor Day, the husband and I decided a getaway was necessary. We set our sights on Hawaii, because it’s close and we can get there quickly. Though we’ve been before, we’re checking out a new island this time and to say we’re excited, would be an understatement. With three kids it seems

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How To Build A Designer Bag Collection

I got my first designer handbag when I was 20ish, a Coach tote that I loved hard. Truth is even before I could afford to splurge on purses I have always been a handbag fiend. So much so that my mom would tell me when going on weekend excursions to the mall, “Leslie, don’t come

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