Long Beach City Girl

As a blogger I have learned how to scope out amazing places. As a foodie I’ve honed in on my skill of being able to suss out quality eateries to try and eventually share with others. I love that my choice in jobs as an influencer and a television host has allowed me to converge

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Hautemommie In The Wild

Over the course of this year I have been fortunate to have had people and publications be so kind as to share my story. If I’ve learned anything in my journey it’s that our tales of comeuppance, success through difficulty, and sharing our process gives other people hope that they too can make it. Here’s

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Christmas In California

All I’ve ever wanted was a white Christmas. To wake up one more December morning and see the ground blanketed in snow. While others dream of luxuriating in sunny California, nothing would make me more happy than running outside after the kids tear open presents to build snowmen and throw balls of ice. Yet, here

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