You’ve Got Skills e-Book


“You’ve Got Skills – Start With What You’ve Got” e-Book



You’ve Got Skills – Start With What You’ve Got! In January 2020, Leslie taught a workshop to a group of women and non-binary folks in order to help them boost their skills. Not telling them to find new ways to create the wheel or rather make money; but instead use what they have.

A year later people are still talking about that workshop. We know knowledge is power, that said Leslie has taken that hour long workshop and turned into a 20 page e-book that is chock to the brim with information. For $1 a page you can reimagine the qualities you have and turn them into money in your pocket. Leslie has been a full time entrepreneur since 2011 and started her first business at 8 years old only using what she had available to her every time.

Are you looking to capitalize on being yourself? Look no further, this is the user guide just for you! Invest $20 in yourself and discover new ways to market and sell your skills into real financial change in your life. Everything you need to win, is already within you!


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