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Leslie Antonoff is a DOER. 

Life has taught her the hurdles you encounter shouldn’t limit the size of your dreams. Her visions of being a writer and a household name have never waned no matter the hardships she's faced. Poverty, becoming a mother at 23, or enduring most major catastrophes of the 21st century -- hello Blackout 2003, Great Recession, and global pandemic.

In choosing to be unafraid and share her story vulnerably, she has become a powerful force in each industry she's pursued. For the last twelve years, Antonoff has thrived as a storyteller,  from television to written word. Beginning in 2013, writing the hit web series, Let LESLIE Tell It and Let LESLIE Tell It REMIXED with Issa Rae’s company HOORAE media. To her cable series Butter + BROWN and selling an animated series, The Adventures of DeeDee, CeCe, and Lil E to HBO Max. Developing a pilot with HGTV and appearing on the digital series, TraDISHional with Food Network. While finding opportunities to write for the L.A. Times, Essence, Hello Beautiful, Sweet July, and more.

LESLIE ANTONOFF | storyteller, writer, speaker

As a cultural tastemaker, she’s also built her brand, The Hautemommie, by sharing her life as a way to radically remind people, especially Black women, that they have permission to live a magnificent life. Creating timeless, evergreen, and dynamic content for social media in collaborations with brands and for her own.

Along with her professional success, Leslie takes extreme pride in her role as Board President for the civic organization, Loud Community. Serving with joy, to ensure BIPOC women experience a life where collective progress, self-discovery, and social connection lead the way.

Through every move she makes she aims to make her husband, three daughters, and family proud. 

SIDENOTE: What kind of bio would this be if she didn't mention she was a BISON?