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Leslie specializes in getting your message across...
in a HAUTE Way.


On-Camera Personality

Leslie is a dynamic on-air personality with a contagious energy that draws in viewers. With years of television experience, in front of the camera and behind it, scriptwriting, hosting, and executive production.


Freelance Writer

Leslie has extensive knowledge in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, and travel; with bylines in the LA Times, Spruce Eats, Sweet July, and more. is open to freelance writing opportunities that allow her to showcase her expertise and creativity. 


Speaking Engagements

With a passion for inspiring and educating, she delivers engaging talks on a range of topics; including Black women experiences, parenthood, interpersonal relationships, entrepreneurship and personal growth. 


Brand Partnerships

Knowing what's in and what's out is what makes Leslie a powerful resource to help your brand reach new audiences, broaden its cultural relevance and highlight your products in unique and compelling ways. Working with her can ensure diverse, effective, and exciting content that converts.