10 Fruity Must Have Pieces For Your Closet

Since the launch of Dolce & Gabbana’s lemonade print last year and pineapple motifs popping up everywhere, tropical fruit has been a go. There’s something about the sight of oranges, lemons, and palm leaves that make you instantly feel like summer has arrived. This season though lemon has been getting even more love. Looking to burst onto the scene this summer, jump in for 10 fruity items you need to do it!

Want to take an italian holiday this summer, yeah so do I. But since I didn’t plan for that I’ve rounded up some lemony goods that will give you Venice on a gondola at home. Sure it may seem like fruity prints are all the rage now but Dolce was giving this last summer. Sometimes it takes a while for others to get hip. Pay attention kids I’ll make sure you’re in the know.

While most of the lemon pieces from D&B are long gone, with the exception of these beauties, you can still get the look with the items I’ve linked below!

From jumpsuits to sunglasses and more click through theses lemon pieces to shop your heart out. 



Summer gives us lemons and with looks like these you can make lemonade, lemon spritzers, and a certainly make a splash wherever you show up. I’ve got my Aeryne lemon top on deck but I feel a little more flirty fruity looks coming my way.

What’s your favorite? Tell me!



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