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The time is upon us again, Zara has marked nearly its entire inventory down 50% and fashionistas are going wild. Honestly I look forward the two semi-annual sales so much. But this year because I’m working on editing my closet and myself when it comes to fast fashion, I’m shopping more mindfully. That said, I’ve rounded up nine must have items that are available now. These are perfect starter pieces to any wardrobe and I think for the price – a perfect buy.

Since not being able to shop during my last pregnancy, rather than going bananas with replacing all my clothes I’m being more thoughtful about what I purchase. I’ve noticed I tend to have a habit of buying an item that I love solely for the picture quality and then I may never wear it again. Talk about wasteful. That said, here are the pieces I’ve decided to purchase to give my wardrobe the reboot it needs.

9 Must Have Items From Zara Sale

9 Must Have Items From Zara Saleone twothree
9 Must Have Items From Zara Saleone  – twothree

What I love most about each of these pieces is that they can be mixed and matched to create more than one look, which is exactly what your closet should be able to do. If you’re like me and have been guilty of buying something new every time you go out. Or you never seem to have what you need on hand, it’s like because you’re shopping without purpose.

It’s easy to be impulsive with fast fashion because it’s affordable, but I, for one, am working on being better. Be sure to check the sale soon, things go quickly!

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