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3 Ways To Create Your Own Style

There are ways we all find inspiration and through experience discover what we like. That could be a denim jacket thrown over everything, perhaps a hair style you’re known for, or your go-to scent. While some people are able to hone on this fairly easy, others can have some troubles narrowing it down. Lucky for you – I’m here to help!

Often people misconstrue a love for fashion as a sense of style. You’ve heard people say it, “I love fashion!” but you take one look at them and you’re confused by that statement based on what they’re wearing. That’s because people misconstrue a love for fashion as a sense of style. Style is being able to pick through everything that fashion has to offer to create a unique look all your own. Some people are born with it – many cultivate it.

“How can I cultivate my own sense of style,” you wonder?

Start by finding some inspiration in places like Pinterest, Instagram, and other blogs. Here are some of my style inspirations from Pinterest:

Follow TheHAUTEMommie Gets Inspired Board! ||

The looks above are from my Pinterest board – HAUTE Street Style – (are you following? Get on that!) From this mood board you can see that I’m all about mixing patterns, luxury handbags, fly sneakers, and of course – sunnies, my signature piece. It isn’t easy to create style from thin air but it can be done if you have the right tools. Pinterest is a great place to start to collect your thoughts and recreate some things you see. If Pinterest is a virtual collage then Instagram is a digital photo album, which makes it the perfect place to find fashionistas with stellar style. Some of my favorites accounts come from these ladies:

INSTAGRAM Favorites ||

These stylish gals on Instagram – Jetsetter & Design Consultant – Aureta, Fellow Howard Girl & In Style EIC Kahlana, NY Fly Girl – D.Grace, two total Canadian hotties – Toronto Shay & Darling Tee, plus You Tuber – Marianna. Each of these girls is offering something I can be inspired by whether through their ability to accessorize flawlessly, rock lace-up gladiator heels with a baby bump, or t-shirt paired with fur! 

As a blogger I naturally glean from other bloggers who I follow, take a look at who I love below! Courtney Kerr, Damsel In Dior, Thrifts and Threads, and Millennielle

BLOGGER Beauties Who Inspire |

I hope you’ve learned a few tools of my style trade. Let me know if there’s someone you think I’d love to check out – I’m always open to being inspired.



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