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Over the course of this year I have been fortunate to have had people and publications be so kind as to share my story. If I’ve learned anything in my journey it’s that our tales of comeuppance, success through difficulty, and sharing our process gives other people hope that they too can make it. Here’s a round up of Hautemommie in the wild, or better places where I have been featured throughout the year. Hopefully in one of these interviews you can find something that will encourage you along your way. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down once again with the gentlemen from Talk To Thirty To Me where I discussed parenthood, how I finally got comfortable with that fact that TV is my job, and more. Check out the episode and even more of their show everywhere you tune into podcasts. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with these guys for a second time, I hope you enjoy it as well.

It is so rewarding to know that people see your story as one worth being told.

In addition to the above, I also had the pleasure of being a co-host on The Baggage Check. Sitting with these three hosts talking all things holiday and Butter + BROWN with my co-host Seth Brundle. It was a blast sitting with these ladies to discuss our favorite Christmas movies, our worst Christmas morning, and more. Tune in!

There were also a few publications that took the time out to chat with me. Some asked about advice I would give to women, special thanks to As Told By Women, for this story which you can read here. And others inquired about my experiences as a creative in Los Angeles, that can be found at Voyage LA, or here.

Finally, thanks to the worldwide gals of The Swirl Suite, who invited me on their show to discuss my holiday dinner must haves and heard all about my first foray into life as an entrepreneur. Be sure to listen to that wherever you listen to your podcasts as well!

Overall the year has been outstanding, I’m so grateful to those of you who continuously support me in all my endeavors. I’m appreciative of every outlet that has shown me that my voice is valuable and that every trial I’ve been through is not in vain. I pray everyday that my life is proof that our circumstance is not our story and that we can have everything we long for.

Here is to a prosperous new year for each and every one of you!



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  1. Theresa Scott says:

    Thank You for being you!!. I love your fashion sense and hairstyles. You and Seth have inspired me to cook more and eat out less. I’m forward to seeing what the New Year will bring to everyone! !

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