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Snow days never meant much to me growing up. Skiing, snowboarding, and the like all seemed to be things that my peers did for fun. It was a foreign world to me, though the mentions of places like Mammoth, Lake Tahoe or Havasu were plentiful. When I turned 30, I promised myself that I would take a trip each year of my 30s to celebrate. This year I decided to forgo a flight to some place sunny and surrounded by water. Instead I traded my swimsuit for a snowsuit and headed to Colorado to see just what everyone seemed so excited about when I was growing up. Here’s how I spent four days in Aspen.

Hautemommie takes a trip to Aspen, check out how she spent four days in snowman's land!

I’ll begin by saying I had a great time; I ate well, looking great, and enjoyed the company most certainly. Unfortunately our trip did get off to a rocky start when Delta decided that our bags were among those randomly selected not to make the flight from LA. According to an airline employee this occurrence happens every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; leaving visitors without their baggage and in the lurch. Thankfully the husband and I had worn coats knowing it would be coat when we arrived however we did not have adequate snow gear and missed out on some events. Eventually our bags arrived and we were able to venture out. If you follow me on IG, you heard all about this story.

Snowmobiling in Aspen, Hautemommie shares her amazing trip in this latest post!

Our first activity was tubing on Snowmass and it’s when I finally discovered what the hype was all about. Decked out in snowpants, boots, and earmuffs we hit the lifts and it was quite the journey. I really enjoyed the night time snow play and would certainly do it all again. I wish someone would have really warned me about how difficult it would be to to breathe while climbing up mountains with such high elevation. Ha! I spent the weekend gasping for air like it was going out of style.

Wondering what Aspen is like, Hautemommie hit the slopes - check out this adventure!

Night tubing was great but I must say it didn’t hold a candle to the snowmobiling adventure J and I took the next day.

Once again atop a beautiful mountain that was covered in freshly fallen snow we hopped aboard a double snowmobile and spent the next few hours zipping around hills and flying pass cross-country skiers. By the end of the ride my legs were super sore, similar to horseback riding, but I would totally do that again as well. Afterward we headed to Scarlett’s where we enjoyed a great brunch and loads of champagne. (Shoutout to Sally for holding the team down, thanks girl!) We ended the night dancing at Boosty Bellows and I must say my 34 year old self paid for it the next day.

Leslie of The Hautemommie shares her recent trip to Aspen.

All in all, Aspen was super beautiful and welcoming. I will also note that it was not used to seeing a large group of Black people and I’m sure we caught some off guard. To that I will only say this – get used to it friends, because we’ll be back! I’ve tagged a load of the things I brought along with me for you to shop for your next winter adventure.

Hautemommie jetsets to Aspen - take a look at her adventure!
I’m already looking forward to where 35 will take me!

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