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I remember when to me Indio and the Coachella Valley was just a place I went to play basketball tourneys in high school. These days it’s land to one of the biggest music festivals around where people dole out half of their rent money to spend three days dancing in dirt. Don’t worry there’s no sarcasm here. It’s just the God honest truth. And another truth is that crowds make me nervous, I love music and fashion but I can’t stomach camping and having to enjoy Little Dragon sans chair to sit in. All of that to say I can still appreciate festival season and all its glory. I’m more a home-chella type but that’s still a festival of sorts, amirite? Hear more about how I get the look after this!

Hautemommie in Levis, Zara, Steve Madden for festival season - More on the blog!

Who said sequins we’re reserved for parties with Studio 54 themes? Whoever it was obviously didn’t understand the need to shine any day of the week and probably wasn’t invited to Studio 54. Haters gon hate. Me on the other hand I live for a pop of sparkle and what better time to debut your disco ball flair than during festival season? While your homies are sweating it out underneath the blazing sun you can be enjoying the same tunes on some rooftop having brunch. Just make sure you’ve got your sequins on, hollandaise and holograms boo. Hollandaise and holograms!

Sequins are for any time plus more festival wear on the blog!

Fall trends say that silver is going to be huge, I jumped on the bandwagon early by picking up these glitter boots from Steve Madden. I will say everyone can’t appreciate a touch of sparkle. Namely my mother who said, “Leslie, you actually bought these glitter boots didn’t you?” I love that lady but she clearly doesn’t know a good buy when she sees one. I plan on rocking these boots the rest of the year with dresses, cutoffs like these, and cropped denim, who’s with me?!

Now if you are hitting the fields for the turn up of the year be sure to keep yourself hands free as possible. You have to be able to throw your hands up and dance as soon as the beat drops and you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy bag all day. Fanny packs are all the rage and frankly dads of the 80s had it right with these. The one I’m wearing I love but it’s a bit smaller than I’d like. I’ll definitely be grabbing something larger before the summer creeps up on us.

Levi Shorts – Urban Outfitters // fanny pack – Skinnydip London // Tee (similar) – Zara // Boots – Steve Madden // Sunnies – Ray-Ban // FitBit // Lip – Sephora 001
Photos: RSee

Want to shop some goodies for your festival season, no matter where it may be? Check out some of my picks below!

Have fun out there!

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  1. Tara says:

    I love the outfit! It’s giving me an 80s vibe. I feel you on the music festivals. They seem cool in theory until you’re rubbing into a whole bunch of people who’re musty and sweaty lol!

  2. D'Shaunte says:

    This outfit is super cute and perfect for festival season. I need a fanny pack for when I go hiking. Thanks for sharing.

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