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I used to joke about the moms I saw in the middle of the day at Target in their Lululemon get up, complete with snazzy tennis shoes – until I was that mom. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time you clearly know that “dressing down” isn’t usual here. And to be honest if you’re a friend offline you know that to be true as well. I’m certainly more of full look kind of gal. However, total disclosure, I love a pair of sleek leggings as much as the next girl. Something about the ease of throwing them on and shuttling out the door, makes them my go to for everyday chic. Wanna know the pair that holds me down? Find out after the jump! 

Dear Victoria’s Secret – your bras aren’t for me, your undies give me everlasting wedgie, but these PINK! Ultimate yoga leggings are up there with greatest things that have happened to me. I live my life with the belief that in everything you do there should be level of chicness. As noted by the tagline on this blog, but that doesn’t always mean a full face or a heel on killer. It simply means having a level of polish in all things. I think that’s why for years the idea of wearing leggings in situations other than working out or around the house, was lost on me.  Leggings have certainly made some strides from the 2 for $12 pair we all used to buy from Forever 21, and that my friends is why I’ve been changed.

With two babies under my belt and plus thirty on my time clock, I also have a strong bond with spandex. Anything that can keep me smooth, hold things in place, and brings comfort is all right in my book. To the ladies I gawked at for not at least putting on jeans back in the day? I was merely a twenty something who knew not a thing! Lol seriously though, who said leggings couldn’t be pants was right when we could see straight through them like sheer curtains, but now the game has changed. A pair of leggings can be a stylish alternative to trousers or everyday jeans.

The key to styling leggings is to up the ante on the rest of your outfit. Pair them with a shoe that isn’t what you wear to take the garbage out think something like these Adidas I’m wearing. Designed by Stella McCartney they’ve got the flair you need but also the comfort you’re longing for.

Snag some cute sneaks!:

Jazz up the look with a cute tote bag, some bangles, and a well fitting top that falls in the middle of your bottom or covers it slightly so you aren’t over exposed. This will take away that just left the gym look and make it an acceptable outfit for a quick ladies who lunch meeting.

Shoutout to my friends over at dude be nice. for the cute crewneck, stop by here and get one. Browse a bit they’ve got a bunch of cute things. And while you’re there, check out this letter from me on how I manage my time. I wrote it while wearing leggings, obviously.

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  1. Simone says:

    With kids, comfort is everything! But you still have to be cute and you nailed it! ๐Ÿ˜

  2. I am that girl running errands in her sportswear. I just love wearing some cute leggings like yours and a cute shirt, throw on a shirt and a pair of sneakers (sometimes slides) and out the door, I go. This is definitely one of my favorite looks to run around town if on my off days.

  3. I love this post! You really worked them leggings!

  4. Oyinda says:

    You look so chic in leggings and a sweatshirt!

  5. Nelle B. says:

    So cute! I definitely have the same opinions about leggings. I’m trying to get into the mindset that leggings can be used to complete an outfit, as long as it’s accompanied with the right pieces.

  6. DShaunte says:

    I love leggings! Mostly workout material. It’s funny you said that about Victoria secret because I feel the same way about some of their panties๐Ÿ˜†

  7. Corey says:

    Aren’t you happy athleisure is now a thing? I’ve always dressed like this but now there are soooo many options for those that love to be comfy AND stylish. ๐Ÿ’•

  8. Madison says:

    loving the outfit. chic simple , and comfortable.

  9. Talisa says:

    Cute, comfy, athleisure-chic. Can’t go wrong!

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