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The Age Of The Women’s Empowerment

Women are so en vogue at the moment. Everywhere you turn there’s a new moniker for the lady that is making strides and taking names. Thanks to Sophia Amoruso, who I have talked about before, we got girlboss and now there are tons more names to choose from. While some ladies are relishing in this new age of glorifying women, others seem to be up in arms over it. As a young girl I dreamed of being a “boss,” of calling the shots, writing checks, and being the head lady in charge. I’m certainly here for the glow up, but is it just me or does everyone not seem to be on board for the age of women’s empowerment? Hautemommie talks about women's empowerment."Nothing wrong with being called a girl boss," - Hautemommie, more on the blog

I read an article earlier this week over on Fast Company that implored the world to stop giving cutesy names to women in the name of empowerment. I was intrigued initially by the title because like most millennial women I’m thriving in the space that’s been carved out for “fem-prenuers,” “boss babes,” and “lady bosses.” The only thing that is starting to render me annoyed is the redundancy of the words. Otherwise, what’s the problem with women finally getting their just due and staking claim on it?

No, we don’t attribute these type of nicknames to men in the same positions but does that mean we shouldn’t relish in the power that they bring us?

Proud to be a girl genius.Hautemommie says there's nothing wrong with the girlboss movement.

I’m not offended by being called a “mom-prenuer” because it makes me proud of both of the important jobs in my life. I love being a mother and in that same vein I also love having my own businesses. Those two can go hand in hand. Women have come up with aliases because for far too long the world has believed that we couldn’t be both. Now in the age of women’s empowerment – girl’s being bosses isn’t a fabled tale.

Hautemommie is a mom-prenuer and proud. More on the blog!

Keeping in close. Standing tall is what boss babes do.

I think Kathleen is right in that we deserve equal pay, optimal upward mobility, and the right to not feel as though our lives are boiled down to two simple choices of: career and family. Where I think she is wrong is that she thinks we don’t need to be empowered. Women are often paid less, given fewer opportunities, and are marginalized in their careers regularly. These “cutesy” names as she calls them, gives a sense of community and space to be powerful without being looked down upon. Boss babes unite over the idea of forgoing the weekend fun with friends for trying to get their start-ups off of the ground. Moms who work from home on their own businesses find spaces to discuss the trials and triumphs of motherhood and business. These names are not just graphic tee fodder or titles for pink ladened Instagram feeds – they represent a place of our own.

Natural haired boss. Boss babe, Hautemommie is on the move.

When I saw this tank on Rachel Roy’s site, I thought, “now that’s a title I’ve yet to see.” Something different in the land where boss reigns supreme. I felt good about it before I even clicked “add to cart” because there is a certain genius that comes with being a girl. A girl, a woman, a lady – we are cut from a different cloth then men. We see and act differently and ultimately we run businesses differently. That should be revered. We are living through a moment where the goodness of femininity is being praised and it’s about damn time.

The only shade I throw - is luxury. Art deco details, full look on the blog!

I’m raising two young girls and I want them to know that being a woman is a awesome and some people will doubt that simply because of their gender, but they can and will prove otherwise. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to honored for your success solely because you are woman, but there is certainly nothing wrong for lauded for succeeding as one. Hautemommie on being a boss, "I only compare ME to ME." More on the blog.

I want for women all over to not feel limited by society’s standards or expectations. Stand up and declare your power and walk in purpose. Be the genius that you are. To the author of that Fast Company article I hear you, but sis, I can’t agree. As a girl that was called bossy all her life, I’m glad it’s finally not seen as a bad thing.

photos: RSee
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Here’s to the boss ladies, mama’s making moves, and girl geniuses who are setting the world ablaze with their wit, their tenacity, and their goal digging. I’m proud of you! From one “fem-prenuer”, “mom-prenuer,” “girlboss” to another – you aren’t in a league of your own, you’re in good company.



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  1. Robyn Wright says:

    This post inspired me so much to go out and do what I want to do! I enoy being a mother and I’m working on starting a business, so reading this gave me a confidence boost. To feel empowered, acknowledged, and regarded from being deemed a girl boss or mompreneur…I feel every woman should use whatever hashtag that gives them that girl power.

  2. Nelle B. says:

    We certainly can have it all, and it’s about time the world starts to recognize it. There’s nothing wrong with empowering, motivating, and inspiring. Everyone needs a little piece of hope regardless of their gender, age or ethnicity.

  3. Candace says:

    You know, I always had the same dream of owning my own venture, writing checks, etc. too. I’m still trying to achieve that dream despite many setbacks. I think part of being empowered, is moving forward despite setback and despite negativity and people who want to hold you back.

  4. Brittany says:

    Absolutely loved every word Leslie!! 🙌🏾 Well Done!

  5. Natalie Say says:

    Nice and sexy style you have there 🙂 Keep up the awesome work the Haute Mommie!

  6. I love posts about Women Empowerment and this is just one of the best…..being a woman is strong, special and a treasure to be cherished. Women Rock!

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