For years I was adverse to wearing pink. When my oldest daughter was born I told everyone not to buy her any pink clothes. Fast forward nearly nine years later and it seems as though there’s a movement – PINK IS IN. Every one from Nasty Gal’s girlboss to the latest in co-working space, The Wing. This rosy hue is everyone’s newest color crush. Women's Club | The Wing | Gallery, Location, Amenities:

Pink isn’t saved for newborn baby girl onesies anymore we’re seeing it in living rooms on velvet chaises, in bathrooms not from the 70s, as mascot color of glossier and it’s amazing. Seriously I’m dreaming of the day there are Hautemommie offices with pink neon lights and a blush wall. It’s taken over me. Here are some of the best uses of the color I’ve seen in interior spaces thus far.

But of course one of the easiest ways to incorporate a hot color of the moment is by far one of my favorites – through your wardrobe. I’ve only been able to find a striped button down thus far that meets my standards but I found a load of things that I’ve got my eye on. Click through the collage below for more details!

not included: Zara sweater // Burberry Rucksack 

Obviously y’all have to get some pink in your lives or risk being judged. I’m going to make it my mission to get some goods myself!

Stay chic!

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