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If worn wrong floral patterns have the tendency to verge on the cusp of Grandma or First Lady realness, unless you pair it with the right accessories. To be honest this is why I steered clear of them for so long. But as we’ve learned here before I’ve grown and so has my style. Now I’m all about flowers match-making with leather, stripes, or these yellow heels and a basket bag. Are you feeling it? Dive deeper into this post for more!

The Hautemommie - style, done chicly. TheHautemommie - style, done chicly.Goldie’s is a shop that I discovered last year some time while out shooting for the blog and ever since I’ve been making it my business to stop in periodically to see what greatness they have to offer. Recently I spotted another location with even more fabulous pieces like this peach maxi. It’s a perfect transitional piece from summer to fall by just adding a blazer or a denim jacket and boots. I’ve shared some great choices in this post. The Hautemommie - style, done chicly. The Hautemommie - style done chicly. The Hautemommie - style, done chicly.

Shop Fall Transitional Pieces:

The Hautemommie - style, done chicly. The Hautemommie - style, done chicly.

Autumn is my favorite season but growing up in California means that summer sticks around longer than I usually like and you have to master how to layer perfectly for those chilly mornings and still too warm afternoons. I’ll do a more in-depth on how to handle that soon. In the meantime know that maxi dresses and long skirts are perfect working it during the in-between moments of the season.
The Hautemommie - style, done chicly.The Hautemommie - style, done chicly. The Hautemommie - style, done chicly. The Hautemommie - style, done chicly. The Hautemommie - style, done chicly.

I’m always looking forward to Fall finally settling in, I probably start talking about it earlier than necessary but who can resist the joys of getting dressed again?! As I say, anyone can be cute in the summer but it takes a chill in the air to bring out the style in people.

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What are you looking forward to most about the change in seasons?



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  1. Kerri says:

    This is a gorgeous outfit on you! I loved everything about it!!

  2. yess honey! Serving looks for the gawds!! LOVE THIS!!

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