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I‘m not sure if you’re like me in this, but when back-to-school time rolls around, I go into all out “fix this house” mode. Perhaps it’s because for me Fall is like Spring, another point in the year when things change and become new again. Though I get to relish in the joys of back to school shopping with Lil D, I allow myself to enjoy the season by making some changes around the house. Namely reorganizing the pantry so I can actually see what’s in it. Need some ideas? Keep reading!

Have you seen the blog The Home Edit? Though two ladies have single-handedly made me love organizing even more than I thought I could. Between the beautiful use of color coordinating bookshelves and clear pop-top boxes stuffed to the gills with just about anything – they’ve made cleaning more fun. I’ve been utilizing OXO pop-top boxes on my shelves for years to help keep me in line. Being able to see exactly what’s in your kitchen allows you to keep track of everything you have. And ultimately can save you time and money at the grocery store. Get into it friends!

Recently we purchased a larger fridge because it had gotten to a point where I was going to the grocery store every other day – literally. Largely this was because I didn’t have the space to store enough in our fridge to make it easier to cut back. It was a standard regular sized refrigerator for us when we were a family of three. But being a family of four makes a huge difference surprisingly. In order to keep myself better organized I’ve take to putting clear boxes inside to keep my food visible. I haven’t bought eight heads of broccoli thinking I have none in weeks! Score! 

Keeping it super 100 as they say, my spice cabinet is not where I want it to be. I was watching “For Peete’s Sake” once and Holly Robinson-Peete’s mother said, “your spices should be in alphabetical order Holly.” And while it was hilarious the way Holly reacted when I mentioned it to my mother she agreed. So basically me and Holly Robinson-Peete need to listen to our mothers. Before the year is up I plan on getting these spices together chile, because I need my shelf to look like this.

pc:  Pinterest / TheHomeEdit

I mean honestly is there anything more beautiful?

I’m not there but I will be! Organization is not only functional but let’s be real, we’re all shallow and like gorgeous things. And if you’re too big to admit that, I’ll admit it for you. My chic levels are not limited to my closet, remember I’m here to show you how to keep an element of it in everything you do!

As fall slowly creeps in, commit yourself to organizing one space in your home that could use some sprucing up. I guarantee you’ll love the space even more once you do.




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  1. Irnise Williams says:

    Whoa. The space looks amazing. I’m not there yet. So much work to do.

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