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When you think of custom clothing it’s easy to be intimidated and decide it’s not for you. But you couldn’t be more wrong. On average, people buy their garments straight off of the rack. Wares that are mass produced, created from a one and done pattern meant to fit everyone in every size. Sounds insane, right?  If you’re like me, you want your clothes to fit as if they had you in mind, which is why having a tailor is a major key.

Don’t Play Yourself – Hem Your Pants:

I barely hit 5’4 in stature and though curvy, my frame is small. With stats like these most pants off of the rack are too long for me. At my height the standard 34″ inseam on most denim makes my jeans look sloppy. Years ago when buying designer denim at Nordstrom Rack was my life, I discovered the secret of their in-store tailoring. It was a life changer! Already I was saving loads on my denim but now I was getting an even better deal by having them hemmed for free. Total win-win situation. I’ve grown out of the need for a closet full of Joe’s, but I still understand the importance of a well fitting pant. Whether it’s a pair I’ve found at Zara or jeans from AG, I always take them to the tailor for a quick snip snip for a perfect fit.

Tailoring Makes Your Clothes Look More Expensive:

Having a blazer that sits just right on your shoulders or a skirt that hugs your body snug will instantly give you a more elevated look. As you start buying higher end items you’ll notice the fit is better. Due to the fabrics used, the more precise production, and limited quantities there is a reason that Brooks Brothers costs more than Forever 21. However if you’re not ready to splurge on a $300 blouse you can easily fake it by taking it to a tailor and having it nipped and tucked to perfection. Even a $50 crisp, tailored white button down will look like it came fresh out of Neiman’s with a tailor’s touch.

A Tailor Can Save You Money Over Time:

By investing in your clothes the right way, you will begin to save money over time. What I have learned in my experience is that I am less likely to dispose of pieces if their fit remains in tact. Not to mention by tailoring my staples it helps me by not having to replace them as often. Remember when everyone was thrifting oversized blazers a few years ago? Most folks weren’t having the sleeves adjusted or shoulders lined up, and now those blazers are sitting untouched because they are seemingly out of style. Tailoring can extend the life of an item because regardless of trendiness because if it fits well? It’s in.

Many people think having a tailor is out of their reach, but here’s the inside scoop – your local cleaners could be a diamond in the rough. I’ve found two excellent tailors at my local cleaners. They may not be making bespoke suits but they certainly slice two inches off of some pants for me. In fact the pants pictured here are from ASOS, I loved them on sight. When they arrived? Totally different story. But rather than send them back I took them to my people and voíla, here we are! Trust me on this kids, you and your clothes are worth it.

If the idea of a shirt made to fit you, your best friend, and your sister doesn’t make much sense when you say it aloud? It’s time to end that, make your clothes work for you!


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  1. Katerina says:

    Stylish from head to toe, girl!

    Ehh, I wish I had so curly hairstyle!


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