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Learning To Enjoy The Journey To Success

If you’re anything like me you’ve long dreamed of becoming successful. Visions of a blessed life go running in your mind endlessly and you can’t wait until you reach that moment when you can say, I’ve arrived. But sometimes the desires to be successful can distract us from the road to getting there. For years I’ve focused on achieving success which has caused me to not value some of my successful moments thus far. Let’s talk about some tips to help you enjoy the journey to success not just the arrival.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

We should work on being grateful daily. Even if it’s just for the ability to take another breath if we must find reasons to be thankful and joyous for the smallest things that aren’t guaranteed. Personally I value the small things, but I don’t always see them as wins. I just look at them as a blip in the road. Truthfully it is the small parts that make up the larger puzzle. Taking time to write down and focus on those small victories will encourage you to continue to push for toward the main goal. Check out some of these journals that can get you started.

Mind Your Own Business

This one is hard, straight up. It can be difficult to worry about what you have going on and not someone else’s wins. With Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, looking at everyone’s constant highlight reel is a sure fire way to get distracted while you work on you. M.Y.O.B. is acronym I use to remind myself that I am only seeing someone’s journey from the outside. I have no idea what their sleepless nights look like, what it took to get that smile, or anything else so my best line of action is to mind my own. The less time you spend minding someone else’s business the more time you can spend working on yours.

Be Kinder To Yourself

I struggle with this so much because I am my biggest and worst critic. That’s certainly not a trait that others don’t share and to be frank I want to be better. I’m the friend that will pump up your goals, encourage your dreams, and also help you see what you could fix to achieve the goal. I truly honor the mantra of showing myself friendly. I value my relationships with people, I want them to feel good in my presence. Thing is, I can’t say I’m the best Leslie to Leslie at all times. What I believe is imperative to enjoying my journey is being nicer to myself. Rather than getting down on me for not being where I think I should be, I will learn to respect where I am. Silence the naysayer within the same way you would do a stranger, you deserve the best from you.

Define Your Success Pinnacle

If you can pinpoint what your pinnacle of success looks like you can keep yourself in check along the way. For me success is equal to financial freedom. It means that I don’t have to think anymore about money, where it’s coming from, and I can take care of my family’s needs. That idea of success for me comes from growing up without a lot, it comes from struggle, but what it has done is made me limit what success is. Because I have aligned my vision of success with the amount of money I have I don’t always see my achievements as victories. Talk about tunnel vision. Reevaluate what your success means, instead of thinking about it finite terms think of it as a daily occurrence. Success doesn’t have to be a one time thing but rather you can reach success continuously all the time.

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I hope by reading this post you have taken away some valuable, actionable information that can help you on your path to success. Though it is defined individually by us all, I think there is a unanimous sentiment that we want to get there. Recognizing that success truly is a journey of life and not a singular thing will allow us to go through life a little less stressed out. Don’t let your road be a blur with one spotlight, brighten up the entire marathon!

Share with me how you will learn to enjoy your path, I’m excited to encourage you.

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