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The year was 1983, throngs of people were donning lycra and spandex outside of the gym, complete with bags that hung around their waists and oversized sweatshirts. Fast forward nearly 35 years and I find myself checking the calendar to be sure that it does indeed read 2018. They say that history always repeats itself and when it comes to fashion, they certainly right. Which is why we’re seeing belt bags and biker shorts on the scene once again. I decided to stop bucking change and get with the program, today’s post is all about me taking on the biker short trend.

Hautemommie stuns in the latest fashion trend - biker shorts. Check out the post!

Truth be told watching Kim Kardashian and every other Fashion Nova sweetheart walk around with a camel toe has not been exactly the push I needed to get with spandex as pant option, but after seeing one of my favorite bloggers do the look some justice, I thought – now THAT is chic. Perhaps it was the fact that the look didn’t seem over styled or trying to hard. Whatever it was it did get me to participate, and I’m glad I did. Now I see why the 80s was full of stretchy bottoms and huge t-shirts. It’s comfortable and fabulously stylish when done right.

Quick catch Hautemommie as she shares how she styles the biker short trend. Biker shorts are back and Hautemommie is showing you how to rock them - check out!

With Indian Summer in full throttle here, by day I need to keep cool in the sun but by night I need to cover up as the chill sets in…

Leslie of The Hautemommie is sharing her secrets to styling biker shorts!Leslie thinks biker shorts can be chic, find out now how she does it. It's Fall on The Hautemommie, see what style tips Leslie is sharing for biker shorts!

Which is why I paired my simple black shorts with an oversized blazer that I caught on sale a couple summers ago at Zara during a Chicago jaunt. The perfect mustard color, it gives me an autumnal feeling and doesn’t smother me. I may just be seen in spandex and blazers moving forward so don’t be shocked, you’ve been warned. Be mindful though that all biker shorts are not created equal. While you can find cheap pairs for $10 or less you can be sure that the stretch won’t be as taunt and may also be see through. And that’s not a good look girl, remember classy is the goal.

80s babies rejoice biker shorts have made a come back! Hautemommie shares how to style them!History always repeats and biker shorts have made their comeback, check out how Hautemommie styles them on!

OUTFIT DETAILS: biker shorts – pretty little thing // t-shirt – palmer cash // blazer – Zara (similar) // boots – Marc Fisher // purse – Henri Bendel // sunnies – Rayban // beret – Zara // phone case – The Daily Edited

My suggestion is to go with something that has a strong hold but is also breathable. I’ve linked a couple options for you below:

Hautemommie is all smiles as she shares how to nail the biker short trend this Fall!

Parisian chic in LA, Hautemommie goes for the biker short trend and adds a little French flair.

While I was a bit leery of the biker short trend making its comeback at first, I guess I can now say that I’m on board. My look though? Sweatshirts, blazers and tight shorts a la Princess Di is more my speed. Biker gone classy, I like it.

Are you in?


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  1. Brittany says:

    You are rocking this look! So amazing – I am personally obsessed with the bike short trend & pairing it with a blazer is my absolute fav. The yellow blazer is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing šŸ™‚

    Brittany |

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