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Everything has a season. A season to shine, a season to be awed, and a season to fade to black. This applies to all areas of life and most certainly fashion. But who decides when a trend or look has run its course? Who chooses when the season is over? There are a myriad of fashion rules but I’ll be honest there are only a few I choose to live by. As they say – rules were meant to be broken.

When these wedged, voluminous tongued sneakers burst onto the scene they were an instant hit. Isabel Marant introduced these beauties in a variety of color ways from solid black to off-white and everything in between. There were knockoffs a plenty and I’ll be honest I’ve had more than a few pairs. I’m a reformed tomboy for godsake, a tennis shoe that incorporates a heel is my dream. Except when it’s a pair of Jordans on a heel made of deferred wishes. I’ll pass on that. But these suede beauties stay my closet and every once in a while they call me right back. In all transparency, I totally get why the fashion gods and goddesses have declared them a relic. They’ve been remade, redone, and they aren’t for the faint of heart. I champion the idea of wearing sneakers with dresses though so for me, they are genius. I’ve found that they pair perfectly with this teal leopard number from Zara. The perfect pop of red. As I tried on this look,  I could only think, some fashion rules are meant to be broken. And the “rule” that says these are done? Is exactly the kind I’m talking about.

Are there are fashion rules you refuse to abide by? Share with me, we’ll be rebels together!

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