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When I think about ways to give back to the environment I start small. Not because the big things don’t matter but because it is always easier to begin bit by bit. That’s why I am dedicated to using tote bags at the grocery store, recycling, and trying my best to use less plastic. That’s where Boxed Water comes in.

Staying hydrated with Boxed Water //

California Living in Fendi Shades //

Stan Smith Superstars + Zara Pants + Zara Lace Shirt //
I have the habit of bringing a bottle of water with me each time I leave the house and naturally they all end up left in the car all day. Which equates to hot water boiling in plastic. Gross. I decided I didn’t want to sip on manmade materials anymore and made the transition to water in a box. It’s the perfect solution.

Views of Long Beach //
Details - Stan Smith Adidas + Zara Pants + Lace Top //
Muted Colors //

Lace Top + Alex and Ani Bracelets //
Dark Lips For Fall // post wasn’t sponsored by Boxed Water, but simply one of the ways that I aim to live my life well. By making everyday small choices that make a big difference.

You can live green too, let me know if you’re up for the challenge in the comments!

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