Midi Skirts + Mini Backpacks

Midi skirts have been a trend I’ve looked on from afar with a slight bit of hesitation. Mainly because I’m vertically challenged so I assumed that a skirt stopping at my ankles would only drawf me more. However this pleated emerald number proved me wrong. And while midi lengths may have been a phobia of my past, the future is looking bright.

Gold turban + Midi length Skirts // https://thehautemommie.com/midi-skirts-mini-backpacks/

Headwraps + Chloe Shades

Pony Hair Mini Backpack out for a walk // https://thehautemommie.com/midi-skirts-mini-backpacks/
Since this skirt has a effervescent look to it that made me feel light on my feet I paired it with my ballet slippers, I wore them here too, and a gold lamé turban fit for a queen.

Pleated. // https://thehautemommie.com/midi-skirts-mini-backpacks/

How Much is that Baggie in the window? // https://thehautemommie.com/midi-skirts-mini-backpacks/
Keeping my mini backpack on a leash // https://thehautemommie.com/midi-skirts-mini-backpacks/
Mini bags, backpacks, and satchels are all the rage and this pony hair orange backpack caught my eye instantly in the store. I’ve never had a pet but a furry bag with a leash is as close as I’m gonna get. Ha! Let’s be honest I’m basically taking it for a walk here. I’d be great with puppies…until I had to take care of them.

Here’s to trends making the best pets!

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