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The Gucci mule train hit the fashion scene with a vengeance. A variety of colors, some with fur, and of course recreated by a multitude of lower end brands. I’ve battled with my inner diva on whether or not I should join the legions of fashion mavens as they clomped about feet clad in suede. And with each look the answer came back uncertain. To be honest I didn’t even know if the mule look was something I could latch on to in general. But then, being the darling store it is, Anthropologie came through with a shoe that delighted. Anthro and Jeffery Campbell that is. Finally, there’s a mule a I can get behind.


I think one of the reasons it took me a while to decide if I would dive head into the mule thing is because of my childhood “issues” with my feet. So often they were the thing people commented on – “why were they so big?” “Your feet are so narrow?” “Girl, are yo going to ever grow into those feet?!” I mean at one point my cousin’s called them flippers. I took the jokes in stride but was also very conscious of what shoes I chose to wear. Never letting my glance so to anything that could make my long, skinny foot longer. Not to mention having a narrow foot can make it difficult to keep shoes without straps from sliding off. I figured I was avoiding an obvious disaster. Now though with my feet not as my foe, I’ve allow myself to venture into different style and this denim slide was a great welcome. Check out some dope options below.


I’m also super excited for this camo jacket I scooped from Topshop. One because it’s camo and that is a staple piece you should always have in your closet. It’s timeless print and you never know when you’ll need to be ready to among the trees. Secondly, because it’s fur lined – and it’s common knowledge how I feel about fur. PETA is not welcome here.

Shop the look below, what are you waiting for? Slide into spring with style!



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