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Life after having a baby means having to figure out a lot. How to dress for your body post pregnancy is one of those trials and trust me when I say I have spent a lot of years trying to nail it. Not only are you trying to adjust to a new baby, but also how your body is different now sans bump. Then add breastfeeding and needing to accommodate new boobs plus making sure they’re accessible when need be. Trust me this mama understands. So if you’re looking to get some tips on how to do it, jump right in!

I’m now officially four months postpartum and technically my fourth trimester has come to an end. However your girl is now here trying to maintain the chic while being able to pop out a boob on demand. That means dresses with buttons, wrap shirts, v-neck tees are helpful, and high waisted jeans are a godsend.

When I spotted this shirt, no pun intended, I knew it was a must have. While I’m in process of working on my body, wrap shirts can help mask some of the areas I’m not so confident about. Plus with the wrap front option it makes it easy to wear when I’m with the baby so nursing isn’t a problem. I wore it with a pair of high waisted shorts I picked up from Madewell that honestly, have become a new fav.



With each of my girls I’ve had to hit reset on my wardrobe because having children changes you just a bit every time. This time I’ve been drawn to pieces that can nip and tuck, be functional, and make me feel good all at once. I’ve linked a few of those things here for you if that’s what you’re looking for too.

shorts – madewell // wrap bodysuit – zara // slides – zara // bag – longchamp // sunnies – le specs
Feels good to be back blogging, shooting, and posting again; I missed you guys! Are there things you want to specifically hear from me, I’d love to know. Count on the style coming back atcha, your girl is back!

Talk soon,

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