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There’s always a list right? The infamous line up of items you must have in your closet that will ensure you are the epitome of stylish at all times. Truth is, you could have that list and still look horrible but it would be less horrid than if you upped the ante a bit. I believe there are definitely some items that are a must have for a complete wardrobe. The key is not simply buying what you see on the list, but purchasing the items on the list that are relevant to YOUR look. Today’s post is all about the elevated basics you need in your closet for successful outfits at every turn.

Let Hautemommie show you some elevated basics to take your wardrobe up a notch!

We all have a favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt that’s perfectly worn in, which is great but what happens when you need to hit an event unexpectedly and you can’t figure out what to wear? That’s where your elevated basics come to play. While it may be easy to throw on your jeans, the t-shirt, and a pair of heels. You may get more looks if you decide to go with something a bit more overstated. Trust me when I say I am the person who loves a great tee and jean moment but sometimes life calls for a bit more.

Elevated basics will take your wardrobe to new heights, let Hautemommie show you how. Hautemommie shares her guide to elevating basics in her latest post on TheHautemommie.

Now that I’ve found a type of jean that works for my frame I am feeling myself a bit friends.

The high waisted crop look is perfect for this mom of three who is a bit petite. Covers all my insecure areas and manages to make me look a wee bit taller than normal. I wasn’t expecting to love Khloe Kardashian’s Good American line, but alas here I am with my booty feeling a bit more raised and she’s got a friend in me. I love the fit of these jeans and a little hem will make them perfect.

Hautemommie rocks Paige denim to show how she elevates the basics in her closet!Hautemommie shows readers how to elevate basics in this latest post on TheHautemommie!

If I had a uniform look a la Doug Funny, it would probably be black t-shirts and jeans with sneakers. Black is slimming and honestly jeans can withstand stains. I’m a mom what do you expect. But there are times when I want to look like I’ve taken more than thirteen minutes to get dressed and I opt for a version of my go to outfit just a bit more polished. For that there’s this bodysuit, my jeans, and a boot that sets it off. Throwing on a hat brings a little more polish to a lot of outfits and this is one of my old faithfuls.

Make jeans and a t-shirt shine after Hautemommie shows you how to elevate your basicsLA Blogger Hautemommie shares with readers how to elevate basics.

OUTFIT DETAILS: jeans – paige // boots – steve madden (similar) // bodysuit – zara // purse – louis vuitton // hat – zara // sunnies – Celine // earrings – Madewell

LA Style blogger Hautemommie elevates basics in her latest post on!

Check some of my favorite Paige jeans here, the pair I’m wearing is included and it’s on sale!

What are your go to basics? White tees? Black leggings? How to kick them up a notch?


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