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There was once a time when donning a sweatsuit was meant for dads or Paris Hilton. Bedazzled velour with suggestive wording plastered across butts from Los Angeles to Manhattan was the go to. I must say I am glad those days are behind us but I still love a good, comfortable, casual look. And for that I don’t always want to resort to leggings. If I’m being honest leggings aren’t the best and I much prefer well fitting sweatpants. I figure I can’t be alone in this so I rounded up a few great options from around the ‘net. Let’s check them out!

It’s no shocker that ASOS has some of my favorite clothing items in general so when I was looking to snag some cute co-ord sets, they were first on my list. In fact I now own about three sets and have every intention of opting for some more. Here are some of my favorites. Click the links below to shop!

one / two

three / four

I also was able to find some chic versions at Pretty Little Thing. That site always has a sale so you shouldn’t ever pay full price for anything. While I am working on curbing my fast fashion habit a bit this is a great place to buy sweatsuits that you’re just planning on wearing while you run about town or lounge. Who can beat 40% off everything, ever?

five / six

seven / eight

Are you a fan of sweatsuits? I typically can’t get behind “dressing down” in things like this, but the way my life has been set up lately – it’s necessary. You don’t have to forgo style to gain comfort. Especially not with choices like these.

Let me know what you scoop up!



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