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As a mother it’s important to be prepared for whatever may happen and I’ll be honest far too often I have been ill prepared. Whether it be for a hungry child in the middle of the day, a busted lip after fun at the park gets too fun, or if the ice cream wanted so badly ends up more on my backseat then one of my princesses mouths. I did good when D was young, the whole carrying a diaper bag thing was an easy feat but after she didn’t require any luggage to be toted around everywhere – let’s just say things got touchy in the concrete jungle a lot of the time. Over past eight years I’ve learned quite a bit about what a mom should have in her purse at all times and now with two dolls by my side daily I’d like to share here what I keep in my mom kit so I’m not, for lack of a better phrase, caught with my ass out when I don’t have to be.

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The Mom Kit Necessities | Kit Essentials:

Five Must Have’s in your Mom Kit –

Hand Sanitizer – most women have this on hand anyway because – the world, eww, gross. But I had to be coaxed into carrying this as I always thought it was silly when I could just wash my hands wherever I happened to be. With kids, let’s be honest they’re walking germs so keeping Purell or your sanitizer of choice, on hand, saves us from colds, bugs, but more importantly sticky hands touching everything in sight.

Wet Ones – Praise be to the little pack of all purpose wipes. I can’t tell you how many times having a pack of these in my glovebox has rescued my car from a spill, cleaned up a scraped knee, or helped my husband wipe off the dashboard he swears is too dusty.

Tide stickThis is for my husband more than the children, haha, the man drops something onto his clothes every time we eat out it never fails but at least now we won’t have waitresses offering glasses of club soda with wine at every meal.

Kleenex – Someone always needs a tissue when you don’t have any, save yourself from having to wipe your baby’s face with the roughest public bathroom paper towel ever known to man.

Snacks – My mother is known for always having a morsel of something in her bag, as a kid, teenage and even an adult I thought it was hilarious and strange. Now, as a mother, I realize she was a damn genius.

To be honest, this isn’t even a “for mom’s only” option – I mean who can’t benefit from having a snack and a piece of tissue available when they need it?! End midday hunger attacks and lunch spills, get your kit up. Remember Hautemommie Taught you!

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