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Turning Your Backyard Into An Oasis

At the end of last year my family and I moved into a rental property while we save to buy and since then I’ve been trying to make it feel like home. While it has come together slightly, it still doesn’t have “OURS” written all over it. I want to make the yard a place we can hang through the summer with our friends and the girls. I’m thinking like an extension of our living room but also a design that doesn’t take too much effort and is kid friendly. There’s a quite a lot of space and it has to be filled without looking crowded and overdone. I also want to use some of the furniture that we already have on hand because, waste is not what’s up.

Backyard Oasis

As you can see from the mood board above I’m thinking something redwood like with red and black as the main colors. I’m also gonna throw up some Edison lights, a California flag, and some succulents. A fire pit, a hammock, and a great space for dining al fresco.

“I’m thinking like an extension of our living room.” Kind of like these I discovered via Pinterest.

Backyard Oasis 1

Backyard Oasis 2

Backyard Oasis 3

Backyard Oasis 4


Here’s to this project turning out as I envision it — otherwise, I’m only good for a moodboard. Ha!


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  1. Megan says:

    Your backyard is already turning into your dream oasis! Definitely going to use this as we start our own backyard renovations!

  2. Ebony says:

    Can you come do my yard after your done at your house??? 🙂

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