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Like everyone else I am daydreaming frequently of the day when the outside inevitably “opens back up.” Though I hate the idea that it’s closed and frankly that phrase bothers me. But no matter how you want to phrase it, the truth remains the same — #wegottagetouttahere. When we do get to finally throw open the doors to our cars and venture out into the wild once more, there will be plenty of outfits that will need their shine. Like many of you my closet hasn’t been getting much use other than my adventure in cleaning it. Now that I have shaken it to its bones and purged, newness is needed. While we wait I’ve created a wishlist of things I want to wear when we get out of quarantine and I want to share some of my inspiration with you!

Now I am an autumn loving girl but I think summer is certainly a time to shine. With it’s fiery temps and long days it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of barely there shorts and tanks over and over. I am always pleased when I see people who can still bring style in the summer because there isn’t usually a lot to work with. Sundresses, rompers, flimsy crop tops, blah blah boring. Jazzing your looks up with a cute shoe and a fun tee is one way to bring some life to an otherwise dry season of fashion. My spring and summer looks are all about elevating the classics, although being honest that’s my style motto all year round. Here’s a preview of what has been on my mind lately.

Right before we were ordered to shelter in place here in California,

my best friends and I had dinner. Each of us is so busy it can be difficult to find a time that works for us all. So what I am looking forward to once we’re outta here is hitting up a gorgeous restaurant and enjoying a boozy lunch with them. These scotch & soda shorts paired with this reformation ribbed tee or even the daydreamer shirt would be perfect. Finished with the clogs it instantly goes from casual to chic. I’m getting excited just thinking about it! A dress and sneakers is a Leslie classic so this floral number with the Balenciaga track 2’s is something I’m envisioning for a rooftop. Shoutout to Pilot at the Hoxton in DTLA for the mini igloos to keep my champagne chilled. Can’t wait to see you again soon.


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Obviously since the shelter in place began my husband and I haven’t been on a date. Yes, friends we are quarantined with the three children and we need your prayers. To all my readers with kids – you understand. I always have to battle with the girls when trying to hold a conversation with my man. It’s like double dutch in the park and I’m trying to jump in. When I do make it I get 8 or nine good jumps then I’m out. All that to say I miss childless nights with the Chief when we could sit and talk about the kids we just left at home. When our date nights roll back around I want to be wearing one of these things to flirt with my man.


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More than anything obviously I miss traveling. The joy of getting on a plane and knowing that once I touch down it’ll be in a new place ready for an adventure. During this period of sheltering at home I missed out on two planned trips that I was really looking forward to. I’m also bummed that the others planned for later in the year are also likely going to take a backseat. However in an effort to combat that sadness I’ve put together some things I can’t wait to rock once my passport is getting some action once more. Like this Gucci bathing suit that can double as a chic tank top when paired with jeans or cut off shorts. And the Lancome Juicy Tubes that have returned for their 20th anniversary. Glossy lips are back for summer baby! Hopefully we will be too.

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Like many of you I’m working to find ways to maintain my peace while we work through this terrible situation. Getting dressed is much more than throwing on any ole thing and running out the door. Not being able to do that daily been tougher than I anticipated, but posts like this keep me focused on the best that is yet to come. Rather than the strangeness that is now.

What are you doing to stay positive right now? More online shopping? Prayer? Journaling? I’d love to hear from you. Remember we’re all at home together.

be well,



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