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I just realized I never finished this post. SMH. Needless to say I jumped on Instagram live a while ago to welcome my audience into my home. It was a joyous good time as I made two meals for my party of five. A miso meatloaf loaded with flavor and shiitake mushrooms plus a red curry with shrimp one pot meal that was sensational. For both recipes feel free to subscribe and you’ll receive them in my newsletter! While I joked around and doled out cooking wisdom I also admonished my internet friends about their kitchen tools. Begging them to please stop cooking with cutlery because it pains me to watch. Many then asked for some suggestions on what they could get to better outfit their kitchens. And honestly who am I not to oblige. Keep reading for a full list on the tools your kitchen needs to make cooking better in your home.

Some people assume that you need an arsenal of gadgets to make your kitchen sing. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While having a Vitamix, a food processor, and the ever picturesque stand mixer may seem necessary; I did great cooking before I ever had any of those items. A few months ago Essence magazine asked me to drop a list must haves for their Ask An Expert column. In it you’ll see I’ve listed pots I love, the salt I keep handy and more but it certainly wasn’t an exhaustive list. What I’m going to do here is fill in the blanks and give you a more full range of needs.

Everything here lives in my kitchen now…

In some way shape or form. It can be a challenge trying to sauté onions and garlic with a fork, let’s be honest. You’re working hard as your hand starts to get hot while you scrape the bottom of your pot trying to ensure the garlic doesn’t burn. Let me do you a solid friend, grab some utensils and save us all the agony. I’ve rounded up some of the ones I love that I think will make that spaghetti a little easier to handle.

Collage photo of must have kitchen utencils

01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07

Utensils are just the start, other tools like a meat thermometer, glass measuring cups, and mixing bowls are also necessities in any well functioning kitchen. While cooking excellently doesn’t require these goodies, I have found as I’ve collected them over the years that they’ve certainly made my life easier. Also aesthetics mean a lot to me so these things help my kitchen be a place that I want to be in. Simply because it looks good. The sets I’ve shared are a variety of prices and can help outfit your kitchen at every price point. We’ve seen during this quarantine period that cooking at home is obviously where it’s at. Some of you may have been using your kitchens a la Carrie Bradshaw before we had to shelter in place. But it’s time to take the heels out of the oven and get busy.

For the best experience the right tools are necessary. In a previous post I hipped you all to my favorite Ikea goodies which you can check out here and see below.

Photo 12 Chic Kitchen Must Have's From IKEA

Prior to this quarantine I had a goal of encouraging people to get comfortable in their kitchens. The tagline for Butter + BROWN is, “making extraordinary meals with ordinary ingredients,” and I still feel that way. Even more so now. Making great food can feel out of reach. However the goal is more achievable when you have what you need to make it possible. Before I became super well versed at cooking and learning different cuisines, I knew that quality knives and other goods were necessary. Now, my kitchen is pretty well equipped, but there are a few more things that I need to get before I feel like it has everything I need. It is mostly glassware and more serving items because a good meal is even better when it is served and plated well. Keep that in mind y’all!

Photo of styled shelves in a kitchen


Though this post is short and sweet, I hope it’s helpful. As always feel free to drop me a comment in you have any questions or want some more ideas and tips for your kitchen! I’m here to help!

be well,


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