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3 Great Foods To Welcome Fall

With the changing of the seasons we know that clothing isn’t the only thing ushering in the chill in the air. If you’re like me and love to cook, you know the latter months of the year call for bringing out your dutch oven, a roasting pan, and baking sheets. It’s time for soups, slow cooking birds, pies and sweet treats galore.

Fall Tablescape -

The heat is currently running amok here in Los Angeles but I have been in the kitchen whipping up some cold weather dishes because I figure maybe I can encourage fall to come through my stove. That, and I’ve been craving brownies and some sort of soup for weeks now. I had sweet corn and crab legs on hand so I made a bisque that’s slap your mama good. Plus I recently purchased some smoked sea salt and I just knew it would pair well with chocolate. I am working on getting those recipes together for you but in the meantime I want share some recipes with you that I have hoarded over on my Pinterest page.


These Garlic Butter Roasted Chicken thighs are the perfect weeknight dish when you want something quick but also comforting after a long day. Try this recipe from Half Baked Harvest that had me drooling just from the pictures. Chicken thighs is something I always try to keep in my refrigerator because they take to most spices well and are chocked full of flavor that can be lost when using chicken breasts. Thighs are generally more juicy as well. Try seasoning your thighs up with some Indian spices for butter chicken or even boiling the thighs to cut off the bone and use for tacos. The possibilities are endless!

Garlic Butter Chicken --

I am a lover of steak and because of that I have unfortunately encountered some terrible ones on my foodie journeys. Whether too rubbery or not flavorful enough there has definitely been some dinners gone wrong in my life. But with blogs like Diethood in existence and cooking shows like Butter + BROWN, I have mastered how to get a good quality steakhouse steak right at home. Check out what I mean here and here.

Pan Seared Steak from Diethood --

You all know I have been diligently working out for the past three months but that doesn’t mean my hankering for something sweet and tasty doesn’t still rear its ugly little head. Those brownies I mentioned before? They were delectable so I decided to share another recipe with you that’s cute AND delicious from My Baking Addiction. Umm these mini cast iron skillets?! MUST. HAVE. I think my Chrismakkah list is going to start before the first breeze whips through Southern Cali.

Skillet Brownies --

I am super excited about warm chai lattes and spiked apple cider, with cold comes great clothes and even better food. What are some Falls foods you’re excited to have again?

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