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As we grow older we should inevitably become more and more comfortable with who we are. Accepting that our features belong to us, our quirks are our own, and learning to love it all. At 31, I think I’m getting there. I’m finding peace with what I see in the mirror. Nothing proves that more than this laced up blouse and mini skirt.  For years I tried to hide my shape, shying away from anything short or exposing but now, more and more, I’m letting go of that insecurity.

Fendi Bag --
Laced Up Blouse + Leather Mini Skirt -- to terms with the body God gave me, has allowed me to be more adventurous in my wardrobe choices. Opting for mini skirts, in spite of legs that are maps of places I spent riding bikes and playing until the streetlights shined on me. And laced up tops showing a hint of sexiness, something I used to be ashamed of. As I age I am embracing my femininity, loving my curves and not shielding them anymore. Growing up being bombarded with lessons that a woman is to remain pure in dress and not be the object of lurid attention caused me to ashamed of my body. These days I’m giving myself the freedom to be seen.

Steve Madden Fringed Boots --
Sitting To Think --

Mini Fendi + Karen Walker Sunnies --
Close Ups --
Giving Face -- rsee

It is my desire for all women to be free in their bodies. To love what they see in the mirror and to accept it. We spend so much of our time comparing ourselves to one another or even to an imaginary idealistic version of ourselves. I’m challenging you to speak kindly to yourself this week.

Treat you with the same admiration you give your girl crush – you deserve it!

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