The “3-Piece” Rule

Perhaps you’ve wondered, How do those fashionistas do IT? How do they make every outfit look so put together? What’s their secret? Well today I’m going to let you in on a little something something, a nugget of advice that will take your wardrobe from “meh” to “ohhlala!”

The "3-Piece" Rule ||
Enter the “3-Piece” Rule.

The "3-Piece" Rule ||
The "3-Piece" Rule ||
It’s been discussed here and here, and until I read it I hadn’t realized it’s what I was doing all along. Adding a third piece to your outfit not only add an extra element and texture but also lifts a t-shirt and jeans, or in this case a tank top and shorts, to new heights.

The "3-Piece" Rule ||
The "3-Piece" Rule ||
The "3-Piece" Rule || by: rsee

Jean Vest: Target Tank top: Target  Shorts: Old Navy  Shoes: Steve Madden SAVANNA  Purse: Forever 21 OLD (similar here )

Signature Rose Gold:Gold


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