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Natural hair girls tend to be product junkies. Not because we love spending our hard earned dollars on every new product that comes out weekly, more because it can be a long road to finding what works for our hair. Years ago when I embarked on the journey to learn about my hair and what makes it tick, there was much to be desired on the hair care front. You know the standard stuff existed – Luster’s PINK Hair Lotion, Herbal Essences range of conditioners, Motions line of products and a few other staples that found themselves in every black woman’s bathroom cabinet. In the six years since there has been a BOOM in the product market which you’d think would be a good thing. But I find that mostly it has just led to most women trying, trying, and trying everything only to still be left with nothing working.

HAUTE FIND - Lush R&B Moisturizer Review |

So while I have mostly found what works for my curls I am not ever above trying to something new – because, hey it may end up being my new best hair friend! This week’s HAUTE Find was something I heard about via Instagram. Enter Lush Cosmetics R&B Moisturizer. 
Let’s start with the PROS:

Lush Cosmetics R&B Moisturizer ||

  • I only needed to use a small amount to coat my strands – let it be noted, I have a lot of hair. A MOTHERLODE. While I’m grateful, this also means that the directed “dime” or “quarter” sized amount that the bottle suggests you use, tends only to cover my ends. (Side note: who came up with that amount?! Did they try the product on a newborn? This amount goes NOWHERE. Fast.) Anyway, I did find with R&B that I didn’t need to pour half the bottle into my hand to go far.
  • It felt relatively silky upon application and was easy to comb through – With curly hair, detangling can be a feat. You’ve exerted yourself to the point of sweating only to complete one section and find it tangled again within seconds, it’s foolishness, but I digress. R&B did aid me getting through my tresses fairly quickly.
  • It didn’t leave my hair feeling like a bale of hay…kind of – Lately I’ve been wearing wash n’ go’s because I don’t have the time to style my hair or because I’m lazy. Definitely the latter. Either way I need to product that can keep my hair soft for days until I go under the water again. This held up for a day. I’ve used better.

Lush Cosmetics R&B Moisturizer Review |
Not too bad for a newbie, but let’s cover the CONS:

  • The. Smell. Overwhelmed. Me. – I hate when I can smell someone coming or when their scent lingers upon exit. R&B was like that old lady who has been wearing Chanel No. 5 since it burst on the scene and she won’t accept that she smells like musk, moth balls and prohibition. While R&B didn’t necessarily house all of that in its smell – it wasn’t pleasant. In fact I almost rinsed my hair out just to get away from it. I like my products light on scent – not competing with my perfume. So yeah, Lush work on that.
  • The stay soft factor falls flat – As mentioned above I don’t re-wet my wash n’ go’s on a daily basis, that said I need a product that can hang on through a nightly pineapple for two days & in-shower steam refreshes. I didn’t feel like R&B did that. It made my hair a bit frizzy.
  • I’m not sure this is for kinkier hair – Lush marks this as a product for curly girls but I’m sure it isn’t meant for girls with more coarse or kinky textures. The alcohol in the ingredients may have something to do with that. It dries out your hair, Black girls, trust me.
    Lush Cosmetics R&B Review |

All that said, I’m glad I purchased the smaller container of R&B because I don’t think this will be a staple in my hair routine, but I will try it on Lil D since her hair is more fine than mine and it may work for her better. Stay tuned for the updates!

Let me know if you have any products you’d like me to try out for you, I’m willing to let my mane be the tester for you all! I’m basically like a fairy hair godmother. Kinda. A little. Okay a play cousin, but you get the idea.

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