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With the evolution of Instagram we’ve been introduced to the idea of fashion forward kids, and while I love a kid with great style – I still believe children should dress like children. Having a little girl dressed to the nines with a tiny LV bag isn’t cute to me, it’s frivolous. And seeing a young boy with an outfit that likens him to a rap career rather than a sandbox, drains me. So today I’ve got some tips on how I keep my girls looking stylish and still looking their age!

1. Be mindful of where you shop – I’ve noticed some children’s line pride themselves on creating clothing that emulates adult styles thus leaving kids looking like they’re playing dress up in grown up closets.


That said, you don’t have to shy away from trends. For instance, patches are a huge thing in fashion right now – letting your little rock a pair of shorts with cool patches on them is dope. But a double breasted blazer with patches may be a no.

4 Ways To Keep Kids Chic ||

2. Opt for buying clothes in more neutral colors i.e. black, grey, khaki, red. – This instantly gives an outfit more of a fashionable edge rather than some pastels, brights, or patterned options. If you do buy brights, pastels, or patterns pair them with simpler fabrics like denim or linen.

4 Ways To Keep Kids Chic ||

3. Accessories are COOL! But make sure they are age appropriate. – While I’m not a fan of baby jewelry – if you want your tiny tot to don a gold chain, try something small – like them.

4 Ways To Keep Kids Chic ||

Some stores I like to frequent for my own mini me’s are H&M, Old Navy, and Cotton On. I definitely grab pieces from other places but these are my top three. For one the clothes are appropriately priced for people who grow like weeds. Secondly, they’re durable. And if you have kids you KNOW how hard they can be on shoes and clothes. Third, they do a great job at capturing trends on the fly.

I hope my HAUTE tips can help you get your tinies closets in order. Like I always tell my girls – you are a representative of me and baby, we keeps it HAUTE around here! Let me know if you have any suggestions for me on spots I may be missing out on – I’d love to hear!

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  1. Antoinette says:

    Nicely done Leslie! Keep it Haute!

  2. Veronica Jackson says:

    Great tips Leslie…. I shop at those places as well except Cotton On, Im going to have to try them. I also go to Carters, Oshkosh and Childrens Place as well… They have really nice items as well…

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