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3 Ways You’re Hurting Your Chances At Great Skin

Skincare is something I take very seriously. Long before I perused Sephora aisles with fierce focus and reckless abandon on my bank account, I was dedicated to loving the skin I was in. In middle school I asked my mom if I could get a powder compact like all the other girls. Her response was, “absolutely not,” because there was nothing for me to cover up. While I didn’t understand her no then, I am certainly grateful for it now. Mainly because I’ve seen some of those same girls years later and I’ll just say — thanks mom. But makeup overuse and not washing your face well aren’t the only ways you’re hurting your chances at great skin. I’m going to share 3 more ways you may be causing yourself more harm. Keep reading to get the low down.

Most people know by now that they shouldn’t go to sleep in a full face of makeup but what if you’re diligent about washing your face and still those pesky breakouts show up? It could be the habits you’re not even thinking about that are causing you harm.

Your Linen

Culprit number one — your bed. How often do you typically swap the linen on your bed, particularly your pillowcases? Even if you’re washing your face at night there will inevitably be some left over grime from the day left behind. This bit of dirt combined with the other elements that come with sleep, hey drool, can create a layer of of filth that will clog your pores. The moisturizer used on your face, that eye cream, or maybe the sleep mask you’re using to combat the acne can leave residue on your pillow that will come back to haunt you. My suggestion is to change your pillowcases weekly even if you swap your sheets every other week. This will aid your fight against less than perfect skin and can help keep you flawless.

Your Hair Tools

Let’s be open here, this is a safe space, when was the last time you actually washed your brush, combs, and/or head scarf? Using these items every single day along with your hair creams, gels, and leave in conditioners can cause a build up on your hair which will likely end up on your face. I’m not a person who uses shampoo often as it dries out my hair, I’m more of a every other day co-washer but what I do often is wash my hair tools in hot water and shampoo bi-weekly. This helps me ensure that I’m not just brushing and combing dirt right back into hair after each wash. In addition, those of us that sleep with our beloved scarves or bonnets, know they need a good cleansing from time to time. Be sure to drop this in the wash along with your linens for maximum cleanliness!

Your Mediocre Facial Routine

Ok, you’re washing your face nightly or at the very least using a cleansing wipe to take the day off. Try these wipes by Lauren Napier, if you’re looking for something new. But honestly that may not be enough. My suggestion is to utilize a cleansing brush at least 2-3x per week to go beneath the surface. The initial layer of dirt on your face will come off with the casual wash of the hands but to get all the crud that may have been missed I like to use my Clarisonic MIA brush to get all the pesky stuff that wasn’t obedient in the first cleaning. There are a number of brush options that are available depending your needs, I tend to lend toward the cashmere brush for a thorough but gentle clean. If you’re not satisfied with your glow then implement some of these changes, you deserve it!

I am a true proponent of starting with what you’re given and learning to master it. For my girls who love makeup, I’m right there will with you but remember your base is what matters most. Keep it cute!

Do you think there are more hidden factors that keep you from achieving your skin goals? Share with me, I’d love to help!


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