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After a week of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sleep in Sunday, and Cyber Monday – I still didn’t do any shopping, can you believe it?! Honestly cyber week doesn’t mean anything because I’m not one for hitting the malls the day after Thanksgiving to battle someone’s grandma for a $50 camera. But bless those of you all who can hang. For those of you like me who like your shopping more planned out and a bit more chill, I’ve created some guides to help you nail gifting the people in your life. Excited to see? Keep reading!

Today I’m going to share two of my gift guides one for the travel bugs and one for those who enjoy spending time at home. I’ve gathered things that I feel capture the essence of both of those personalities because I feel like they encompass me.

The Wanderlust:

Traveling is something I have loved to do, ever since I was a kid when my family piled in the car to take trips up the coast to the Bay to visit my grandmother. In fact it was her that instilled within me the urge to just get up and go. Since losing her last year I am more focused than ever to see the world because it is something she always did. Jumping in her car and hitting the road was her favorite past time, doing it in style is mine. Each of these gifts would be great for anyone who jet sets, road trips or aims to get stamps!

Nice, sturdy luggage is essential for anyone who travels often because you don’t want to get caught at the airport trying to sort your undies because your bag busted. You can nail that with these suitcase options here.

Ambeur 2-piece luggage set // Briggs & Riley Sympatico Limited Ed. 30-in suitcase

AWAY is a company founded by two ladies who saw the issues in the travel industry and solved them with their incredible line of luggage. But I love this mini suitcase they have that’s perfect for your carry-on bag to hold all your goodies. Buy one filled or empty, depending on your needs!

AWAY The Mini Suitcase

One of the best purchases I’ve made in the past two years has certainly been my TSA pre-check. Honestly I can now breeze through the airport without having to take all my clothes off and empty my purse. The best $85 I’ve ever spent. Whoever you get this for will love you!

TSA Pre-Check 

Taking pictures to capture trips is obviously why we go right? While you’re posing everything on IG hoping you get reposted on the latest account we all look at to be jealous, real pictures are still timeless. This polaroid camera wide version will be sure that nothing on their scenic journey will be missed.

Instax WIDE 300 Polaroid 

Any traveler needs to be in the know and one of the best ways to do that is to read about what’s happening around the world. Conde Nast gets it right every month with Traveler, gift this for a something that will keep giving all year long.

 Conde Nast Traveler subscription 

All right I hate to pump up Apple even more than already are but what’s better than a new phone to capture your loved ones trips, from video to photo, they can have it all with the X in their hand. And because headphones for this device are passe, of course a pair of ear pods are required. I promise they’ll love you forever.

 iphone X // Apple EarPods

Now that we’ve covered the mover and shaker, let’s take care of everything they’ll need when they return home from vacation and…need a vacation.

For A Good Night’s Sleep:

A good night’s sleep begins with a great foundation. In this case that belongs to the AZZA mattress, another in what seems like a new phenomenon of mattresses in a box, AZZA promises the only luxury foam mattress that has control-temp technology. A bed that really is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

AZZA Mattress

When my youngest was about eight months we purchased one of these Dohm white noise machines to help her at night. It turned out that they weren’t only good for the baby but for everyone. That was two years ago, and I’ve since got one in most rooms in my house so everyone can sleep like a baby.

Dohm white noise machine

Air diffusers are perfect for bringing fresh scents into your home but also for setting the right mood. To enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, your loved one can put a few drops of lavender oil in their diffuser to lull themselves to to lala land without the help of sheep.

Airome Ultrasonic Diffuser

A cozy knit blanket is a great for that person in your life who loves to snuggle on the couch to Netflix and chill. Honestly who doesn’t have a favorite blanket that they refuse to share? Give this large knit number and you will have given the best gift of the season.

Nublado Throw

Giving candles is something that I think is the perfect when you don’t know exactly what someone loves. A beautifully scented candle not only can bring freshness to their space but each time they light it, they’ll think of you. Scent is a great way to stay on someone’s mind.

Fall In New York by Chesapeake Bay Candle 

I was never big on having actual pajamas until I moved in with my husband. But if someone had gifted them to me, maybe I would have been. This cute one piece from Aerie seems like a great option for a girlfriend, sister, or bestie.

Aerie Plush romper

At some point we all have to get rid of the Target sheet set we bought in college for twenty bucks. I mean it was great and served it’s purpose. But now it’s time to grow up, try these from Boll & Branch. Flannel, soft, grown up gift.

Boll & Branch Flannel Sheet set


I hoped you loved these first couple of gift guides, let me know if there are some specific ones you want to see. I’ve got a few more up my sleeve to help you before it’s time to pop everything under the tree!

Season’s Greetings,


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  1. Ashtyn says:

    OMG that blanket looks so cozy and the romper is super cute. I also really love the layout and design of your site!

  2. Summer Terry says:

    Strategic shopping is my thing too. I’m soo in need of new luggage and these are really cute.

  3. Brittany says:

    These gift ideas are so chic & bomb AF! Thank you for this! Some things I would have never thought of.

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