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If you’re an avid blog reader you know most blogger’s favorite online shop is the UK phenomenon ASOS. ASOS houses various brands like Adidas, Missguided, and more. It often has great finds but you have know exactly what to look for and how to get the most from the site. Here are four of my tips to mastering ASOS!

Spring For 2-Day Shipping

ASOS provides free return shipping should something not fit and since it’s located across the pond, you want your items fast. If you are a novice shopper you will find yourself paying for shipping with every purchase. Don’t do it! Instead opt for the premier 2-day shipping for a whopping $19 for the entire year. You are literally saving hundreds of dollars over the course of 12 months by choosing this option. Not to mention you get every item in two days, no lie!

Search The ASOS Lines

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen a dress on someone and wondered how they found it on ASOS and I didn’t. There are swarms of clothes on the website, knowing how to sift through them all will make it easier. ASOS carries their own lines on the site which I find to be more rewarding and fruitful than searching through a basic category like: dresses. Try these for good options: ASOS Red Carpet, ASOS Made in Kenya, ASOS Salon.

Save Your Picks

Peruse often and save! I look on ASOS daily because that’s how often they are updating the inventory. That said, I’m not always ready to pull the trigger on the items I’ve found. ASOS offers a “saved items” option which allows you to hold an item for 60 days in the size you need. Just remember to come back to your list because things go fast! I’ve forgotten so many great items because I’m not an impulse shopper and missed out on dope pieces. Don’t be lose like me, take my advice.

Learn Your UK Size

Since ASOS is a European retailer they’ll often have brands that are also based in the UK. It is important to know that a UK 8 is not the same as a US 8. Be sure to learn the equivalent so you don’t end up with items that are too big or too small and your birthday outfit is ruined. For example, if you wear a size 8 the UK equivalent is a 14. I’ve found this works best for me but can run a tad big if you’re a true eight. Another smart thing to do is measure yourself for better accuracy.

Those are my four tips for mastering shopping on ASOS. I hope you find some items for your closet that you love! I know I always do.

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