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The Hautemommie EATS: Salt & Vinegar Popcorn

One of my favorite things to do is dining out, but more than the experience of reservations, glasses of wine, and delectable meals; I enjoy trying to recreate the dishes I’ve experienced back in my own kitchen. In an Essence interview about my television show, Butter + BROWN, the writer asked, “what first got you interested in cooking?” My answer was simple – going away to college and starting to eat out. It was then that my love of food grew and my interest in cooking began to take over. Fast forward to one date night last year when the Husband and I checked out the bar, Westbound, in Downtown LA.

Salt & vinegar popcorn graphic from Hautemommie

I’m popcorn fiend. It’s the perfect snack to me, it can be sweet or savory, lightly coated in butter, or drenched in caramel and cheese powder. The possibilities are endless. But this particular variety was created by the chef to taste like, wait for it – Cool Ranch Doritos. It was like recess in 1992 all over again! To be honest I didn’t get the exact flavor of the cool ranch because it was missing a bit of tang, but the vinegary flavor was pure perfection. I was asking all sorts of questions until the bartender basically told me she wasn’t going to tell me the recipe. But that didn’t stop me from coming home and trying to mimic the salt & vinegar recipe on my own.

While all of the drinks at Westbound are delightful, the thing that makes me want to venture back is the popcorn they serve at the bar. Take a look my simple, quick recipe for salt & vinegar popcorn that is great for those Netflix and chill nights or for a midday snack to get you through the day!

It’s simple and makes an amazing snack! Are there any recipes you’ve tried to recreate at home? Share them with me!


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