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While I can’t say I haven’t ever waited in line for a hypebeast level product, I can say that I don’t see myself doing it for a cup. No shade at all to anyone who did or does, to each their own. However for those of us who haven’t jumped into the deep end of Stanley cup fandom, I’ve rounded up five chic alternatives that will fulfill the drink on the go need and still be just as cute.

no. 1 — Simply Modern

I own twocups and I love them. They stay cold overnight and come in an array of colors that fit my love of neutrals easily. My personal preference for cups is definitely straw over a wide lip or a spout which is why Simply Modern remains my top choice. Another plus is the straws aren’t the standard clear plastic found in many other cups. Their straws match the color of the cup and are a silicone like plastic that feels better to me. Another thing I’ve noticed in many cups with straws is the plastic taste that comes along with it, that doesn’t exist with any Simply Modern I’ve had. I use these cups daily and would recommend them to everyone.

picture of simply modern tumbler


no. 2 — Owala

photo of Owala tumbler

Owala makes great cups, while they don’t have the variety of colors that other brands have they are durable and you can find a white or black version that’s perfect. I’ve owed two Owala’s and loved taking these to the gym as well as using these for my must have bedside water. Why is it that all think we’re going to die of thirst in our sleep? LOL. Another win is that these cups have a built in straw style without the straw which is a dope feature I enjoy. Plus, these are also easily found at Target which means you won’t likely have to battle to find one.

no. 3 — Ello

Photo of Ello monterey tumbler

Ello does a great job of making an aesthetically pleasing cup and if style is what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it with them. Their iridescent color ways and built-in coaster on the bottom make it a great replacement for Stanleys. My experience with Ello has been buying cups for my girls and they we’re okay while they lasted. I would say that this isn’t really durable enough for kids who thrash cups around but for a chic mom, it works well.

no. 4 — HydroFlask

Photo of HydroFlask all around tumbler with handle

A tried and true classic, HydroFlask is still a top tier choice for drinks on the go. With their interchangeable tops, multitude of colors, and the fact that you can find plenty of options in most big box stores; it’s still one of the best options on the market. While I think most people use the regular water bottle shape of HydroFlask, they do have a handled version that can easily fulfill your Stanley cup desires. The one downside to HydroFlask is their use of one size straws that you have to cut yourself to fit any cup you have. Other than that, they are certainly long lasting, good looking, and keep cold.

no. 5 — Osse

Photo of OSSE tumbler with handle

Though this isn’t a brand I’m personally familiar with, Osse fulfills the mark in the chic column. With the same shape and versatile bottom that a Stanley cup has, it could be a perfect dupe. On Amazon with a 4.6 star rating it seems like it’s a good option if you’re in need of a cup without all the rah rah rah.

While so many people around the internet are finding the Stanley frenzy to be absurd, I think it could be seen as a way that people are working their way toward sustainability and healthier lifestyles. More water and less plastic doesn’t seem like a bad thing but instead more of a win win. Sure we could look at it as another thing that we’ve all been convinced is a MUST HAVE but the truth is, cups are a must have so we may as well have fun with them, right?

Are you a Stanley cup stan or will any cup do for you? Drop your HAUTE thoughts below!

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  1. Lauren says:

    Don’t have one, yet. Been wanting a Stanley for awhile. Haven’t taken the full plunge. I have heard of SM as the best dupe, but I’m not swayed either way. Thanks for all the highlights.

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