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For the past seven months I’ve been running on an amount of sleep that would be laughable to my younger self. Back when sleeping in and staying out was the norm I couldn’t have imagined waking up three to four times a night to answer someone’s cries. Now here I am again, mother to the night (Darius Lovehall voice) getting less shuteye than I care to admit.

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Everyone has their opinions and ways to sleep train an infant and believe me when I say I have read through them all. From crying it out to nursing the baby just until they’re drowsy. No matter what method you decide is for you, I can understand how it takes a toll on your mood, your libido, and your skin. Here are a few ways I have used to try and still function while going through the dreaded sleep deprived months.

At home beauty treatments

With little time for myself these days, a facial and massage seem like something of my distant past. But with folks like the Glossier team, I can still ensure my skin is supple and looks like ten hours post pillow even if it is just ten hours total for the week.

Date Night

I never fully understood the need for planned nights with my husband until we had another baby. Now though we’ve hired a weekly babysitter specifically so we can get out and have a night to ourselves. I got married with the intention of it being for the long haul, I think this is one way to ensure that the spark doesn’t fizzle.

Solo time 

For me I have realized this is essential. I typically get my fix from bi-weekly nail appointments and a few hours in my beauticians hands. While everyone may not be able to step away for a much needed mani/pedi or trip to the salon, there are other ways you can indulge. Take a bath when your tot finally goes down for their longest nap. Use the two hours to soak, sit, and sip – (some non-alcoholic for you nursing gals). Or pop in a yoga video and breathe out your frustrations. However you decompress just make sure you, make time for you.

Do the nap thing 

I’ll be honest I always thought the “nap when the baby naps” idea was a bunch of bullshit, that is until I tried it. And I woke up feeling slightly better about myself and the day. Now instead of trying to rise at the crack of dawn with the baby, I nurse, and we both lay back down (if all goes according to plan). It has done wonders for my productivity levels and lessened to likelihood that I’m a walking zombie.

Eat breakfast 

Yeah, most important meal of the day and whatnot. Honestly it is. I hate to say THEY were right but they were. I don’t do anything fancy, I save those meals for Saturdays with D but I aim to begin each day with a bowl of oatmeal, an english muffin, avocado toast and some sort of fruit. This ensures that I don’t go grabbing all the lunch goodies out of the snack box when hunger strikes. Plus it helps me know that the baby is getting a few good nutrients because the rest of day may be spent grazing, or in reality — hitting the snack box.

Hopefully these tips help you through the sleepless period or at least give you some sense of normalcy until your baby finally gets with the program. Either way? Sweet Dreams!

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    Awesome blog my fellow Bison! I’ll be reading! Holly Jenkins-Long HU 07!

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