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As a kid I always wanted to wear glasses because everyone around me had them; cousins, my older sister, my little sister. As it turned out I didn’t need them, my vision was top notch. That was until about eight years ago when I noticed the street lines starting to blur I figured it was time visit with the old optometrist. My time had come, yet to my shock and awe – glasses were ugly! No seriously, I hated every pair I tried on and ended up with some cheap pair that resembled something Sally Jesse Raphael wore in 88. Fast forward now as I regular specs wearer there’s better options and I want to share 5 ways you can up your glasses game too.

We all know the story of Warby Parker, brand developed by Neil Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa, who’ve given stylish glasses to the masses. I love Warby and it saved me from my days of looking like I won my glasses in a cereal box. My tortoise shell Kimball’s are still a go to and I get compliments every time I wear them. The best one came from a woman in a bar once who told me to never take them off they did something for her. I was flattered and may have gone home with her save for the fact that I’m not lesbian and married. Needless to say – these glasses work for me. But I believe glasses are like any other accessory and you must have options.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

Which is why lately I’ve been trying to find places to round myself up a variety of pairs to have on hand for those moments when I want to swap out my look. As an avid wearer and investor in sunglasses it’s only right that my optical love spreads to eyeglasses as well. Without further ado, here are some dope places you can score your next pair of specs to wow.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

Bonlook is a Canadian company run by Sophie and Louis Boulanger that aspires to cut out the middle man. Their glasses aren’t as low WP but still reasonable enough to snag a few for your collection.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

I love the company’s name, Tortoise & Blonde founded by Evan Weisfeld when he wanted to aid in making eyewear affordable for everyone – even struggling college students. Though I’m ten years beyond that era in my life I can still appreciate a good deal for my glasses.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

A worldwide brand that makes glasses in Japan and Italy, David Kind focuses on providing quality glasses that are well made. I’m at a point in my life where I’m willing to pay for my clothing and accessories because I understand that quality does cost. I like that these glasses, though a touch more expensive does offer the services of trying on at home like the affordable brands do.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

Classic Specs is probably the lowest cost but highest quality of glasses you’ll find, I would likely use this service to get a trendy pair of glasses that may be in today and gone tomorrow. For only $49 WITH prescription you can’t really beat it.

The Hautemommie - An Element of Chic in Everything!

Lastly one of my hacks is purchase your favorite pair of sunglasses and simply have the lenses swapped out for a prescription option. This way you’re getting a pair of custom seeing glasses that everyone else may not have. This is definitely not a cheap option as I usually like to stick with designer shades but I’ve seen a few pair I’m longing to get done.

Want to score some these pairs? Head over to these sites to step your optical game up. Remember if you’ve got to wear glasses, make it look sexy.





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  1. Ashtyn says:

    It’s so funny that you wanted to wear glasses as a kid. My teacher used to call me out in elementary school because I never wanted to wear my glasses! Thankfully, my parents still pay for my glasses but I know once I have to buy them myself I’ll need a cheaper alternative. Thanks for this post!

  2. Delaya says:

    I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 6 years old and age 26, I was able to get some dope frames, finally. Thank you insurance! I’ve had basic pairs and my prescription is too strong for online places. 4 years ago I got basic black frames, 3 years ago I prescription sunglasses (first pair – thanks again insurance) and this year I got large red frame glasses and I love them! I get complimented all the time and they fit my personality.

  3. Jack umar says:

    Awesome Collection and stylish glasses collection thanks for sharing.

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