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9 Kid Products I Can’t Live Without

Being a mother of three means I spend an insane amount of hours at Target and I finally understand the real need for a Costco membership. Over the course of my eleven years as a parent I have discovered plenty of products that have failed me, but I’ve also landed on a few things that I can’t live without. In an effort to spread the love and do my part to make sure my mama tribe is in the loop, today’s post is a list of some of my favorite kid items to date.

I’m a mom that tries to veer away from overly childish looking clothing because I want my girls to be stylish and also for their clothes to easily mixed and matched. These brands makes that easy.

AVAUMA Pajamas – A Korean based brand, these pajamas are excellent quality! I love the variety of colors, the fit, and that they can work as outfits too. With sizes from newborn to 8, it has most kids covered.

Cotton On Kids Clothing – Speaking of clothing, Cotton On is one of my favorite brands for kids right now. They stay on trend without being too cheesy and the quality is worth the price. Their onesies? Best on the market, and you can quote me on that.

While I’ve never set an actual screen time rule in my house it’s likely because I’ve never had to.

Board Books – Obviously one lesson you learn quickly as a parent is to keep entertainment on hand at all times. My kids know that books, coloring, playing games are our go to’s on the road. It’s very rare that you will find them at restaurants with ipads or on our phones unless it’s just been that kind of day.

Fjallraven Backpacks – Water-resistant, washable, durable all of that. These backpacks are expensive but once you buy one, you won’t need another years. Seriously. They’re also super cute and I love that they come in multiple sizes so these kids can start carrying their own junk sooner. Lol! Let’s be honest I find enough toys and snacks in my purse – get your own bag!

Contigo water bottles – Thankfully I started my girls drinking water early so they didn’t become one of those people who claim they don’t like water. Honestly, I don’t get it. One thing that has been insanely helpful with making them guzzlers are Contigo sippy cups. Available with straws and without they’re great for my troop who has a big age range. They also are anti-spill and are easy to clean. It’s the only cup you’ll need.

With three daughters hair is a big deal in our house, managing to get everyone ready for school and to out requires a lot. We also are dealing with a lot of curly heads but each with a different texture. I’m worked through a lot of products to find what we need to keep in our cabinet at all times.

FORM Leave-In Conditioner – To say I’ve sampled a lot of leave ins would be an understatement. For my girls FORM has proven to the best on the market. It’s light, a little goes a long way, and it works for each of them. It can be pricey and I can’t find it in store at my local Sephora but it’s always online when I need it. Shoutout to Tristen Walker and his team.

Keracare Coconut Water – Recently I discovered that saturating the girls hair with plain water daily was actually making it more dry. Thanks to Sally Beauty Supply I stumbled upon Keracare coconut water. It has been a wonderful addition to our hair basket. With just enough oil in the ingredients it creates slip also moisturizes making it easier to comb.

Grace Eleyae – Black girls wear bonnets. Point, blank, period. And having these satin lined bonnets for the trio is great. I was gifted these last year and honestly – best gift I’ve received.

I hope my list helps you get some things that you may have been missing. Is there something you love that I didn’t include, fill me in!

be well,


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