Six Essentials For Battling Dry Hair

After a summer of wash n’ go’s and days of endless touch ups to my hair on production sets — my curls are battling some serious dry issues right now. My hair is missing moisture like the desert misses that rain Sade sings about. As a natural who rocks dyed blonde locks it is imperative that I keep my hair hydrated at all times. See below for fleeky curl reference.

Natural Hair Twist Out -- Six Essentials To Combat Dry Hair //
Normally I keep my hair regimen simple, a far cry from the days when I first started my natural journey. Back the I was diligent about deep conditioning weekly and twisting my hair nightly. Now you’re lucky if I deep condition every two months and re-twisting is a thing of the past. However what I am realizing now, is that with my hair at bra strap length when straight, and the desire to get it hip length – I’m going to have to change my ways.

Second Day Wash & Go -- Six Essentials For Battling Dry Hair //
Some ways that I fight against dry spells is by protective styling. Not with braids, weaves, and other extension hairstyles because those don’t last in my hair so I tend to twist my hair in twelve or so twists and keep them in for a week. Check out some of the products to use to bring my hair back to life below!

Six Essentials For Battling Dry Hair --
With these six essentials I build deep conditioners and hot oil treatments to save my hair from its cries of attention. Each of these things are easy to find and can be purchased from Amazon, Target, or even your local beauty supply. I have a great beautician but when I can’t make it to her chair; oils and creamy conditioners save the day! A typical Hautemommie deep conditioning treatment consists of 5-6 large dollops ORS Replenishing conditioner, 1 tablespoon of castor oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil and from time to time extra virgin olive oil. I stir the mixture, slap a disposable shower cap on my head and park myself under the steamer for an hour or so. Once it’s done I rinse and my curls feel soft and luxurious once more.

With these six essentials I build deep conditioners and hot oil treatments to save my hair from its cries of attention.

I hope that some of my rituals can help you and your hair, let me know some of your tricks – us curly girls have to stick together!

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