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Friends you know what today is – Black Friday! The day when the stores are wild with shopping fervor and you may or may not be run over by someone’s grandmother. Nonetheless while there are some who will be buying another big screen TV for the fourth time in four years, there are better things to spend your coins on. I took the time to round up some of the Black Friday sales you shouldn’t miss because it’s the holiday season, I’m generous! Happy Shopping!

When it comes to Black Friday the smartest thing to do is check those open tabs where you’ve left carts full of stuff. One of my best shopping tips is to fill up on carts on websites and then leave them sitting, inevitably they’ll email you a coupon to pull the trigger. Thankfully most stores are offering some sort of sale today so you’re in luck.

First up some Hautemommie approved go to’s…

ASOS. You and I both know ASOS is our hands down favorite British import. With fly clothes at the ready you would be smart to cop at least three things from your saved list with today’s 30% off everything sale. Ev. Ery. Thing. Get that coat you’ve been looking at, grab a few essentials, and buy your sister a gift, she probably needs something. Use code: BIG30.

Here’s a skincare brand I discovered recently and am enjoying a lot, Fourth Ray Beauty. Made on the platform of being about wellness and from the geniuses at SEED, it’s a brand that is focused in tapping into your self-care and skincare needs. Lucky for you they’re having a 30% sale off of everything! My favs include this detox mask and face milk for a healthy glow. No code required.

I have this running list of things I want to do before I’m 40. On it includes finding a signature house scent. You know how you walk into some people’s homes and there’s a distinct warm and feel to their place? Scent has so much to do with that. Anyway one of my new favorite candle companies, Otherland, is getting me one step closer to nailing down that scent for me. Lucky for you they’re offering 20% off everything today, use code: FIREDUP 

Now if you’re looking to stock up on some necessities these next few sales are for you.

There are a few things in my life I don’t like to live without; good champagne, quality socks, and just about everything personalized. The following sales are of things I believe need to be quality and are just plain too chic to pass up.

As a regular jet setter it is important that I have excellent luggage to keep up with my travels. Heaven forbid there are one too many pair of shoes in your bag, the handle breaks, and suddenly all your crap is on the linoleum in LAX. That’s where Calpak comes in. Their luggage is strong, will last, but is still affordable enough for you to actually go on the trip after you buy it. I love these bags and they’re giving 15% off today. Use code: THANKS15

After you’ve spent damn near a rent check on a phone the last thing you want is for it to go flying to the ground sans case. Honestly people who don’t have cases on their cells give me anxiety. How Sway, how?! Instead of judging too harshly I’d rather put you on, so head to The Daily Edited, whose greatness I have lamented on before. With a wide range of options to choose from in every color imaginable and the choice of monogramming? It’s too good pass up. 20% off everything site wide.  

Finally, if you’re a mom like me you’re always on the lookout for sales for clothes for the kiddies. Today is the best day to tap into some old faithfuls that never let you down. Rack up on gifts for your babies and somebody else’s at Old Navy, where everything is 50% off and H&M where 30% is the magic number.

Photography: RSee Photography

Hopefully I help you score some amazing gifts for others but for yourself too! ‘Tis better to give than to receive, but it’s good to save a couple dollars in the process. Happy Holidays!!

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