Pearls Are A Girl’s New Best Friend

Growing up my mother tried endlessly to get me to love pearls. I didn’t get the appeal. Partly because I attributed them to be finishing touches on a Golden Girl. Which wasn’t too far off but as of late pearls have gotten a refresh and much to my mother’s joy – I’m enjoying the trend.

Last fall we saw pearl embellishments start to gain some traction, seen on everything from denim to Miu Miu slides. It was a pair of STS Blue pearl embellished jeans that made me a believer and I couldn’t have been more excited. On Valentine’s Day last week the Husband sneakily surprised me with this Zac Posen mini bag because he knows what’s up. Here are a few looks that have only inspired me to find more pretty pearls to add to my wardrobe.

Whether the addition of pearls is subtle or overt it’s a look that will give a touch of class and sophistication to anything. Pictured above are the STS pair I purchased, you see how Sheryl styled them casually and the pearls make the look seem less relaxed. I’ve worn my pair with plain tees, sweatshirts, even a striped button down and each worked perfectly. Of course I won’t make you search far and wide for cute ways to incorporate pearls into your outfits – take a look at the collage below for a bunch of cute ideas!

You may be used to pearls being for ladies like this but honey, things have changed.

Clutch your pearls girl, they’re here to stay!


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