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Let’s talk skincare. Seems like creating a skincare line is a part of the celebrity starter pack these days. What I find fascinating about the entire thing, is that no one is discussing how skin doesn’t end or begin with a barrage of products. Great skin starts from within. Now I may not be a skincare guru, glow expert, or beauty insider but I am a strong proponent of keeping your face healthy and skin clear. Are you in search of great skin or wondering how to keep yours that way? Look no further, I’m gonna spill the tea.

Leslie of The Hautemommie talks about how to get great skin.

Barring any extremes, I do believe that these tips can help anyone. File this post under what I’m calling HAUTE and Well, the wellness arm of The Hautemommie brand, because that’s what I want everyone to be. I’ve been obsessed with having good skin since I was a wee hautie. It was 5th grade when I developed a nightly routine. Can you imagine? 10 year old me was quite intense. Hell, 37 year old me actually is too, if we’re being honest. But I was on my way to middle school the next year and had started to notice the kids around me were beginning to change. My mom has always had beautiful skin while my dad struggled with his forever. She was constantly reminding us, my sister and I, to wash our faces in the evening because going to bed with the day on your face was not acceptable. Now she was right but she also didn’t mention that part of the reason my dad probably struggled was because he loves sugar, smokes, and could have used some more water in his diet.

Leslie of The Hautemommie writes about how great skin starts within. Leslie of The Hautemommie writes about how great skin starts within.

Having a clear, hydrated face isn’t just the products you use…

Having great skin is about more than a skincare routine - more on The Hautemommie!

Are you drinking enough water?

People are always in pursuit of quality skin. Our faces are our calling cards, we’re judged by them and they are with us for life. What I cannot understand are those who long for clear skin but only drink what amounts to thimble of water a day. Water is the essence of living and you are a growing being. Grass, plants, and animals all require water what makes humans feel like it’s optional? Instead people live in the comments on the social pages of seemingly aging backward celebrities and models, squawking, “drop the routine, sis!” Only for it to be revealed that said celebrity drinks 2 gallons of water a day minimum. While you’re praying to get to the 10:30a line on that time water bottle. *stares at camera* Good skin begins and ends with water. Period. If you didn’t know, the recommended amount for adults is 64oz daily. Eight 8oz glasses of plain ole H2O. I love water. Water connoisseur if you will. I stay with that thang on me. Essentia preferably, but fridge water will do. How have I been able to keep this 37 year old skin shining? Watering my insides. You could get another new face wash and keep looking like a raisin or you could start sipping on water instead of lemonade at every meal. Your choice, choose wisely.

Want tips for having great skin? The Hautemommie shares her secrets in her latest post on The Hautemommie!

Sugar is a culprit too.

I can’t say I’ve ever considered myself to have a sweet tooth, but I also am not likely to turn down a Reese’s shaped piece of chocolate. The exact holiday isn’t coming to mind at the moment but I recall one year when I probably ate a king size sleeve of that decadent deliciousness every single day. Okay I’m lying. It was Christmas and they were trees but the point is, my skin took a toll from it. Suddenly my face was a prime breeding ground for breakouts where it had been smooth as baby’s butt for so long. Had I stopped washing my face? No. Did my nightly routine have any major changes? Nope. What had changed was the fact that I was inhaling high fructose corn syrup endlessly. Maintaining healthy skin is also about watching your plate. And, your cocktail glass too. Those cutesy drinks that we love to clink for an Insta boom are killing all the hard work you’re doing during your self-care mask time. Don’t just take my word for it, doctors will say the same. Sugar is an inflammatory ingredient which means it’s blowing you up on the inside and the results are acne bombs on your beautiful forehead, cheeks, nose, you catch my drift. Next time you head to Starbucks to get that venti whatever the heck, think twice about all those extra pumps of vanilla syrup. Your skin will thank you.

Next time you head to Starbucks to get that venti whatever the heck, think twice about all those extra pumps of vanilla syrup. Your skin will thank you.

Lay It Down

Tuck yourself in, time to go night night. There is it again that damn sleep. I know, I just talked about sleep the last time you were here but that means you should probably listen. Good skin = good sleep. Have you caught a glimpse of yourself after a night of terrible sleep? It’s not your best look right? Your face is likely puffy, the bags under your eyes are heavy and loaded, there’s no luminescence to you; mmhmm I’ve been there. Usually after a fun night with my friends or a late night of binging Netflix. And no amount of Kiehl’s can help me. And I love Kiehl’s. What I have seen work is going to bed at a reasonable hour. Allowing my body and ultimately my skin get the opportunity to refresh itself. Sleep is necessary for all the parts of our body, especially the body’s largest organ – skin. For something so necessary we do tend to ignore its needs often. How sad. If you want skin that glows it helps to set yourself up for success, keep a bed time.

Skin begins within, says Leslie of The Hautemommie - for more check out her latest on The Hautemommie!

Okay now, I’m not going to pretend that having a routine and good products doesn’t matter at all because it does. In fact I have a slew of favorites that help me to maintain this pretty brown glow you see. Check them out below! But there are a few rules that I consider must follows:

Great Skin Starts Within! Here are Hautemommie's Skincare favs!

  • What is important when it comes to choosing products is to not change them so often & watching the expiration dates; these are usually on the back side labeled with an open jar looking icon and a number inside. The number tends to be 6,12, or 24. That tells you the amount of months the item should last on your shelf.
  • Skin type matters yes, but don’t assume that because you have oily skin it means you can’t use facial oils or shouldn’t use a creamy moisturizer. In fact, most people’s skin is very dehydrated and they need to moisturize more than they do.
  • Don’t over exfoliate. Otherwise you risk breaking down necessary barriers that protect the skin, so chill on the scrubs. That is not a daily necessity.
  • MOISTURIZE. Find two moisturizers that you like. I like a thicker one during the winter months and something a little lighter during summer. I also have some that I prefer during the day under makeup and others that I use only at night. Like Farmacy’s Sleep Tight balm.
  • Wash. Your. Face. Every. Day. And. Night. I cannot express this more. Please stop falling asleep with the day on your face and then laying in dirt all night on that pillowcase. That’s nasty but also your skin is never getting a chance to breathe.
  • Wear sunscreen. Even if you’ve got melanin. Black folks should also be wearing sunscreen it’s a must. You need to protect your skin. Put it on over your moisturizer.
  • Now this isn’t a must for everyone but if you’re over 30, find a good retinol. Retinol helps elasticity as you age, it’ll keep your skin looking youthful. Taunt. Snatched. Trust me.

Skin begins within, says Leslie of The Hautemommie - for more check out her latest on The Hautemommie!

There’s nothing wrong with loving skincare and wanting to try new things. But be mindful of just jumping onto the train of every new beauty line on the market. Many of these lines aren’t actually done with quality skin in mind first. Dollars and branding come ahead of that. Find products that won’t be out of business in three years when the celeb behind the brand is on to the next thing. You’ll have your face longer than any of these brands I can reckon. But more than anything, treat your body with care and your great skin will be the reward. You’ve got this!

Drop your skin faves in the comments, everyone deserves a good mug!


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