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As the mother of a 8 year old it is important for me to find activities during the weekend, but what’s also key is to ensure it’s an adventure the entire will enjoy. Los Angeles is home to plenty of awesome museums that can capture the attention of kids and engage with adults but Kidspace is a great opportunity to actively learn with your children.



Located in the heart of Pasadena, Kidspace features several interactive exhibits that will make your child’s imagination run wild. From the bug inspired restaurant to the ant hole they can climb in the museum provides a level of indoor and outdoor fun that can last for hours.


I’ve been enjoying Kidspace with my daughter for about three years now and no matter how often we go back it’s like something new each time.


Recently they opened a physics play yard (Galvin’s Physic Forest) that features a number of various games for children to participate in to teach them science. With pulleys, bells, whistles, and building blocks, we certainly enjoyed ourselves. I also enjoy that the cost of Kidspace isn’t outrageous, at $13 per person, it’s like going to the movies only it isn’t a cartoon that will make me want to gouge my eyes out! Hahaha. Kidspace does offer memberships like many museums, and it’s a great deal if you frequent the area.

If you find yourself in LA or Pasadena, check out Kidspace, I promise it’ll be a dope day!

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