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I used to be a chronic over packer but once I learned how to pack smarter by using my “theme method” I’ve downsized from largest suitcase ever to second largest suitcase ever. Progress. For New Orleans I opted for denim pieces as my base and built every look around that. I know it’s difficult for some many people to pack wisely because let’s face it – fashion is a feeling. And what you packed you may not “feel” when you get to your destination. But my using the theme method there will be enough pieces to mix and match and accompany your mood. Choose one item, color, or statement piece to pack, then base every other item of clothing, shoes, or accessories off of that piece to create a slew of looks that can all be worked together. It’s genius I tell ya, genius!

shorts – H&M (old) // denim crop top – Lost Ink // Military Button Down – Zara // Stack Backpack (Small) – MCM // Necklace, earrings, & sandals – Zara // bracelets – Alex & Ani // Purse Poofs – t+j Designs

Remember pack smarter, not harder. #HautemommieTaughtMe

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  1. patton says:

    on your next trip, would it be possible to show us the process from making a packing list (if that what you do) to gathering the items (clothing included) that you intend to pack and packing them in the showcase (some people are really good at uses every corner of the suitcase)? I think that it would be helpful to us folks who are in rehab for over packing. Your blog is great…although I am not a mother (yet) the tips you provide are very helpful.

    • The Hautemommie says:

      I totally can! I’ve got some trips approaching – so consider it done. Thanks for keeping up with the HAUTEness, glad I could be of service!!
      The Hautemommie

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