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As the time draws closer for me to deliver I have been recounting my other two deliveries and how I’d like this one, the finale to be the best. In doing that I’ve thought about the things I found myself needing as I was in the hospital and how unprepared I’ve been simply because of my procrastination. On my initial go round I totally pushed off packing a bag for the hospital and sorely missed a load of necessities, like a hairband. I mean, really Leslie? Needless to say I barely learned my lesson the second time because I still pushed off gathering my things and while I did better, I still was a struggle bus. So I’m writing it here in order be held accountable by you and myself. Let’s hope it works!

The following is a list of things I discovered I could have used along way and while it isn’t exhaustive I definitely think that it covers the gamut of what’s good to have on hand in this situation. Everything from beauty to things to help keep me as comfortable as possible have been included.

I used to think to myself, “who’s thinking about makeup after they’ve pushed a cantaloupe out of a mustard seed hole?” Then I saw photos of myself after delivery and realized people who don’t want to look like the trainwreck that they feel like. I definitely won’t be applying a full face of makeup but a swipe of my favorite mascara and some powder will at least help me feel a little more alive. Let me say I’m not one for visitors at hospitals because I think parents and babies need some time to acclimate and adjust to one another, but with all the staff coming in and out of the room I want to look presentable. This roller lash mascara from benefit and skin finish from MAC is just what I need.

The last two times I didn’t have headphones to help block out some of the atmospheric noise happening at the hospital. I also think having music, a podcast, or a sermon to distract me from the pain would be helpful. I suggest going wireless because there will be enough cords and plugs happening, I’d hate for you to get tangled up. Also I sleep with a humidifier nightly and I want to have one in my space to have my essential oils create peaceful familiar environment so I’ll be snagging this personal version from Crane.  You’ll notice I included an eye mask too which will help me stay calm and relax a bit if I can.

Obviously the necessities like chapstick, socks, and hairbands are must haves. Not being able to eat,  being limited to ice chips, and small cups of water definitely makes for dry mouth so this is the lip balm I keep everywhere in my house and in all purses. I must have fuzzy socks because hospitals always set the temperature to arctic circle and I don’t want to feel like I may lose a toe in the midst of trying to birth a baby. I may think about getting a protective style so I won’t have to worry about my hair, but I really finicky about them so I need my old faithful hair ties to keep these curls in check.

Finally after being relegated to wearing itchy, used gowns in the past I decided to spring for a cute patterned number that I know no one has pooped or bled on this time. There are tons of options and they are pretty affordable. I settled on this on from milk + baby that snaps down the back and can easily accommodate an epidural or any other needs but also provides some coverage. As you know most gowns will have you looking like Janet in the Super Bowl a few years ago — nipples waving. You’re already exposed enough, amirite? I also added some go go squeeze applesauce because uh, they’re good and after all that work I’ll be starving.

With only seven more weeks to go making this list will help me have everything together and hopefully if you’re expecting now or sometime soon it can give you an idea of what you need! Anything I didn’t include that you would have? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Fancie says:

    First off, congratulations!! Your hospital bag essentials sound so pampering lol. I love the idea of the humidifier and oils. That sounds like such a soothing and relaxing environment to give birth. I’m also here for the powder and mascara! I don’t think I could muster a full face in labor but a little polishing is doable. Great post!

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